Your 2 Bedroom Beach House Can Be Your Dream Home

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A two bedroom beach house-style living space is always a popular choice for consumers of modern houses. Many people cannot resist the simplicity and relaxed feel of a beach house, with its breezy curtain styles, pale color schemes, and hardwood laminate flooring. If you are considering remodeling your existing two bedroom beach house into a dream home, then read on to discover some ways that will help you do just that.

Sleek and Modern

To make your two bedroom beach house become your dream house, take down all the wallpaper and then paint the walls with a fresh new color with the help of an interior house painter. This will make the room brighter and more up-to-date. If you do not like working with paint, modern wallpaper is also an option. Try to add some sleek pieces of furniture that match your style or design choices. For example, if you just moved into this house and want to give it a beachy feel, try adding surfboards on top of some shelves or use bright blue colors in some areas just so that the theme carries through the whole house.

On the other hand, if you prefer something sleek and more modern, go for gray or silver options instead. If possible, remove everything from one room at once so that when it is time to clean the house, you will only have one room to worry about. For those who want to go for the modern look but do not have enough room, you can always choose some speakers instead. If you are short on space, try hanging up a shelf or painting your walls black so that it looks sleek.

Add some pillows and other cute decor items to personalize it more to your taste. Make sure to research before buying speakers, though, because there are different types of speakers that each have their pros and cons depending on how often you will be using them. For example, if you plan to travel around a lot, then Bluetooth might not be the best option for you because it requires internet connections to work.

Making improvements to your house should bring efficiency. Things like undertaking an EV charging station installation will reduce the hassle of looking for a place to charge your plug-in electric car. Be keen when choosing the improvements you need to make to your beach house in the effort to transform it into your dream home.

A Touch of Green

There is nothing like the beautiful smell of fresh-cut flowers to transform any living space. Whether you are decorating for a special occasion or simply changing up the style of your dream home, there is no denying that colorful fresh blooms can brighten up even the darkest corners with ease. Why not plant your garden so you can enjoy these tiny treasures all year round in your two bedroom beach house?

You can make your living space seem more open by adding plants inside or outside of your home. This will give it a more at-home feel, and if you like green things, this is great for you too. If you do not want to commit to having live plants everywhere, go ahead and pick up some small succulents instead. These are easy to take care of and look great too.

To bring in the beachy theme, try adding sand or small shells to your plants. People will be wondering how you did it, but the trick is super easy. Just mix all of these things in a bowl and then pour them into another container with holes drilled into it. The water should easily drip out, leaving you with great-looking plants that anyone would want to touch (but please do not). You can put them anywhere in your house, whether on top of your coffee table or even inside cabinets so that they are out of sight but still noticeable.

For those who like plants or greenery but do not know how to decorate with them well, here is your answer. Pick up two planters for your two bedroom beach house; one smaller than the other would be best. On top of the more prominent planter, you put some rocks, while the second planter put soil.

Now plant whatever plants you like. If you are stuck on what to get, go for succulents or cacti- they both look great and do not require much work at all; the only thing to remember is that they need sunlight (duh). If you want something a little more decorative, go with flowers instead because these require some care but are still easy to take care of.

Cute Lighting

Lighting can make or break any room in your two bedroom beach house, so here are some tips on making cool designs using lights. If you have an unused lamp lying around, take the shade and staple fabric onto it instead. This gives you a chance to give your old lamp a new look while also giving your living room decoration some depth. If you already have light-colored curtains, pick up some string lights and wrap them around your curtain rods so that they are hanging down.

This will give any room a neat look, especially because you can choose different colors so if the primary color in the room is pink, for example, try adding white lights to it. If this is not an option, grab whatever string lights you think look best and start decorating.

Outdoor Living Spaces

If you have a decent-sized backyard, try to make it feel as though it is an extension of your home by adding in a pergola or patio furniture along with a grill and awning installation as well. You will be surprised at how much better a backyard can look when there are items that add both functionality and beauty to it. No beach house renovation would be complete without making sure the outdoor patio is as inviting as the indoor areas.

Make sure to choose furniture that can withstand the coastal elements and plan to upgrade other areas around your home, like lighting. This ensures that people enjoy spending time outside, even during those cloudy days or long winter months. Adding a porch could be a great way to increase both space and light in a home and create an outdoor living space that is perfect for enjoying sea breezes.

Porches can also add resale value to a property. Consider removing existing windows or sliding doors from another room and adding them to the back of the house instead. Another option is adding new windows that look out onto the porch. A deck off of an upstairs bedroom adds even more value and can create an extra outdoor sitting area for additional entertaining opportunities.

Landscaping has also become a popular trend in home remodeling projects. Be keen on getting an ideal landscaping design that helps you get the best out of your yard and outdoor living space. Engaging landscaping experts will help you with erosion control and other landscaping maintenance services.

Flooring Is Important

Long gone are the days when people used those plastic outdoor tiles as flooring inside their homes. Today, there are so many options out there that it can be challenging to choose just one. Install hardwood floors throughout your first-level living spaces and think about adding tile on the stairs and sections of your kitchen countertop if you want to give your home a coastal feel.

Settle on some stylish flooring options for your two bedroom beach house. Your flooring choice will depend heavily on the overall theme and design you want for your dream home. Hardwood laminate is popular as it comes in a wide range of styles and colors, but why not consider other alternatives such as sandstone or even marble? The choices are endless, so go ahead and find something as unique as you. Do not forget to look for a highly reputed flooring company for the flooring project.

Kitchen Renovation

If you take a look at your kitchen, say what comes to mind? Is it dirty, or is it filled with clutter? If you have a messy and cluttered kitchen, then you know that the rest of your house will be just as bad, if not worse. It is time to eliminate all those random items in your cupboards that do not serve a specific purpose. Focus on cleaning out the oven and refrigerator.

If there are any cracks in either one of these appliances, now is the time to replace them, so they do not pose any potential health risks later down the line. If possible, try installing new countertops and repainting cabinets because, overall, this will give your kitchen a much more modern feel than an old and outdated feel.

Living Room

Now that you have revamped the kitchen and bathroom along with the rest of the two bedroom beach house to make it clean and clutter-free, it is time to change up your living room. One way to do this is by purchasing a new and trendy rug, and if need be, get rid of any old furniture that no longer matches the overall theme or color scheme of your living room. You could try adding accent walls to spice up the look and feel of your living room. Also, add in some new throw pillows for extra comfort while watching television. You never know when guests might be coming over, so you should always be ready.

After you have already visited your living room, there are some things you can do to improve the look of your home. First off, focus on cleaning up all loose ends in this area; otherwise, it will not appeal to future buyers. Second, lay down new flooring, whether it be carpet or hardwood, because that will give any future buyer a more modern look rather than having an old tattered-looking carpet that shows its age.

Finally, give this whole area a good clean sweep, including dusting out light fixtures and polishing furniture until it shines once again, which is an essential factor for potential buyers when they first come over to view your house for the first time.

Decorating the Home

Do you have any old family photos lying around your two bedroom beach house? Now is your chance to get rid of them and keep only the best quality ones in specific frames. Also, make sure that each room has at least one focal point, whether a fireplace, china cabinet, or simply a large painting hung on the wall.

You can also highlight certain pieces of furniture like your television set by placing an interesting piece of decoration behind it. This will help showcase to potential buyers interested in purchasing your house during open house events how much space they have when looking at different rooms throughout your home.

If possible, think about adding something personal, like adding throw pillows with throw blankets draped over a chair in the living room. All of these creative and unique ideas will help you see your home from a buyer’s perspective and should brighten up your space and boost potential buyers’ interest in purchasing your place.

Bathroom Renovation

Focus on cleaning out the bathroom and getting rid of unnecessary items such as old toothbrushes or makeup. These personal items can lead to problems down the line, such as possible breakouts due to allergies. Hence, it is best to get rid of them altogether. Many buyers will want to put their personal touch into a new house, so you do not want your bathroom and even your living room and kitchen if they contain bathtubs and showers to resemble somebody else’s taste which you may not like yourself. For instance, you can incorporate a frameless glass shower for your bathroom. If possible, replace old tiles with hardwood flooring because that will give your bathroom a more open feel instead of having that old tiled look with cracks scattered throughout the floor.

The bathroom remodeling service does not always need to entail complete renovation, but if you want to give your home a facelift, it would be best to repaint your bathroom and place some new tiles on the floor. If your bathroom is highly dated, then you might consider changing out your sink and shower along with placing a new light above each one of them for added lighting. Sliding glass doors installation will also make your bathroom look amazing.

Closet Remodeling

Are the closets in each room of your two bedroom beach house empty? If so, think about adding some interesting pieces such as lamps, incredibly dark inside the closet, such as one under the stairs or next to a bathroom. Also, you can add some additional creative decor, such as hooks alongside one wall, so that they are easily accessible for hanging coats, jackets, and even scarves. These types of creative and unique touches will give any future buyer an idea of how they can utilize their acquired closet space after moving into your home.

When you are finally finished and ready to show off your new additions, sit back and relax. You have done a lot, and it is time for some self-appreciation. Enjoy having your dream home because you deserve it.


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