How Do You Cancel Your Timeshare?

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Getting out of a timeshare is incredibly difficult. If you do not act quickly, you are likely to get stuck with your timeshare regardless of how you feel about it. There is a timeshare cancel service out there that may be able to help you through.

They will go through your contract line-by-line to see if there are any areas where it may be possible to wrangle you out of the deal.

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They are going to do everything that is legal and ethical to get you out.

Hopefully, you are still within a cancellation period of your contract (very early in the contract). If not, they may have to negotiate with the timeshare company to get your contract voided for you. This is not going to happen for free, and you should expect to pay the cancel service some money for their efforts on this. That said, it can still be a lot less expensive to pay the cancellation company than it is to continue to pay on a timeshare that you are not using.

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