10 Fun Ideas For Sunny Vacations on the Beach

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Planning a getaway and taking some time off from work is a great way to find balance and take advantage of the world around you. If you’re looking for sunny vacations that involve a trip to a local beach or lake, there are plenty of things to do based on who you intend to take with you to the beach. When it comes to sunny vacations at the beach, there is no shortage of ideas for those who are open-minded and flexible.

1. A Night of Dancing

If you enjoy spending time on the beach and want to do so with friends and family members, consider planning a night of dancing after your time on the beach is up. If possible, depending on where you live, you may be able to find a beach with a dance floor already installed. Beaches with dance floors included provide the perfect environment for a sunny afternoon and a full night of dancing in the moonlight. Finding a beach with a dance floor and, in some cases, even a live DJ, will help to make for a unique and memorable experience with those who mean the most to you.

2. Excellent Food

Anyone who is thinking about sunny vacations with their family and friends should consider the type of food they will want to consume throughout their vacation time. Excellent food can make a major difference in how you experience your vacation, even if you are only taking time off to visit a local beach that is located near you. Whenever you are planning a sunny vacation with family and friends, take the time to research local food options as well as the best restaurants that are available in your preferred area or in the location of the actual beach you plan to visit.

How to Compare Restaurants Ahead of Time

Whenever you are thinking of visiting a new restaurant or dining establishment, it is best to take a bit of time to conduct research on the location itself. Comparing restaurant offerings, prices, menu listings, as well as reviews is highly recommended if you want to make the most of your vacation experience. When researching individual restaurants near the beach you’re interested in most, you can take the time to reference customer reviews.

Customer reviews provide valuable insight into the quality of food, ingredients used, as well as the customer service that is offered to patrons at each individual location. Using reviews is one of the best ways to go about finding local food establishments and restaurants that are the perfect location for you and your loved ones during a vacation. You’ll be glad you made the effort to do your research!

3. Master Tattoo Artist

One unique vacation idea for those who want an out-of-the-box experience while planning a sunny vacation is to stop at local tattoo parlors. Visiting a master tattoo artist is a way to engage in a fun and interesting activity with friends and family members while you are also away on vacation. Visiting a tattoo artist is a way for you to commission the artist for a new tattoo to commemorate your vacation or something that means a lot to you in your everyday life.

How to Find a Tattoo Artist

Before heading to any local tattoo shop, it’s highly advisable to conduct research to ensure you are choosing a tattoo artist who is right for you. When you are thinking of obtaining a new tattoo, having a vision is the first step in locating the most qualified master tattoo artist. Determine the art style and look of the tattoo you envision to begin searching for tattoo artists who are not only qualified and reputable, but also well-versed in the type of art style you are most interested in for your own tattoo.

Once you begin searching for a tattoo artist or tattoo shop in the city or region you intend to vacation in, you can do so by asking those you know for referrals and/or recommendations. Spending a bit of time researching tattoo parlors and shops online is also advisable. Browse portfolios and official websites of tattoo shops online to determine which location is most likely to provide the style you are going for with your own tattoo. Taking the time to compare portfolios will help you to connect with a tattoo artist who genuinely understands the vision you have for your next tattoo, resulting in a much more positive experience.

4. Local Vineyards

One of the most appealing sunny vacations to consider includes visiting local vineyards. If you and your family enjoy the process of wine-making or if you’re an avid wine collector yourself, touring a local vineyard is a great outing that will also allow you to spend time soaking up the sun. Local vineyards that offer tours will typically do so during the spring, summer, and fall months, although some vineyards and wineries may be open for tours year-round, depending on your current location.

Advantages of Visiting a Local Vineyard

Visiting a local vineyard with your family and friends is a way to learn more about the cultivation of wine where you are located or interested in visiting. You will have the opportunity to tour fields and winery stations while asking questions about the process of growing grapes and cultivating new wines regularly. Whenever you visit a local winery or vineyard for a tour, you can also learn more about the wine supplier available for the winery. Making connections with wine suppliers can help you to purchase wine at a discounted rate or even in bulk in some instances.

5. A Game of Golf

If you and your family enjoy sunny vacations that allow you to spend time outdoors, consider signing up for a local game of golf. Whether you prefer to visit the local driving range for authentic golfing or if you enjoy mini-golf, you can rent a golf cart with your family and friends at either location when planning your next outing. A game of golf is a way for you to connect and communicate with your loved ones while you are making the most of your time off away from work.

Benefits of a Game of Golf

Taking your family and friends on a vacation to play a round of mini-golf or explore the driving range is a great way to bond and spend quality time with one another under the sun. Additionally, golfing is one of the most affordable vacation activities, making it viable for just about anyone, regardless of your budget. Choosing a game of golf for your family is also ideal if you are traveling with individuals who may be disabled, elderly, or unable to participate in extreme physical activities, especially when they are in the sun.

6. Web Content

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your sunny vacations, consider creating web content while you are enjoying yourself. Today, millions of influencers understand the advantage of making web content while they are away on vacation, especially when they are vacationing to beautiful and sunny destinations. Creating web content for your blog or online presence while you are enjoying your vacation is possible by learning the basis of editing and uploading while also working alongside professional website designers to get the job done right.

7. Shopping Spree

You can also opt for a shopping spree the next time you are planning a family vacation in the sun. Shopping sprees allow you to glance at storefront glass while you browse various locations during your vacation. If you are interested in taking your loved ones on a shopping spree the next time you are vacationing, be sure to take the time to learn more about local establishments and shopping venues near you. Research areas where shopping is most prevalent to find shopping centers that are not only affordable for your budget, but also appealing to your own sense of style and the looks you are going for while you are on vacation.

8. Nature Walk

Going on a nature walk is one of the best sunny vacations to consider, regardless of who you are taking with you. Nature walks can be done around your own home or even in the town over, depending on where you live. Before heading out on a nature walk, be sure to learn as much as possible about the outdoor environment around you. Invest in mosquito control sprays and learn how to identify problem bugs, insects, and even poisonous plants that thrive in your region.

9. A Day on the Ocean

Spending a day on the ocean is another way to make the most out of the sunny vacation you envision for you and yours. If possible, consider renting a boat to take out on the ocean, depending on where you live and your own personal experience when it comes to driving a boat. A day on the ocean can provide much-needed time away from traditional offices and workplaces while allowing you to reset and feel refreshed while you are away from home.

Planning for a Day on the Ocean

If you have always wanted to embark on a trip that involves spending the day on the ocean, you should know how to prepare for the adventure ahead of time. Research boat rental companies and services near you, including those that are all-inclusive. This is especially important if you are unfamiliar with driving a boat yourself and are interested in hiring a professional captain to steer the ship you and your family intend to use.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with ocean and boat safety. If you are thinking of renting a boat for your upcoming vacation, you may also need to research boat types and boat covers you will require while you are out on the open water or while the boat is in your possession. The more you understand about the process of renting boats, the less likely you are to encounter trouble along the way.

10. Scenic Drives

If you love sunny vacations that allow you to soak up the world around you, consider planning scenic drives with your family. Taking a scenic drive to a certain destination is a way to make the most of the time spent outdoors and behind the wheel. Scenic drives also provide the perfect opportunity to see more of the area you are in that you may typically miss out on otherwise, especially if you find yourself taking local freeways or highways to arrive at your destination.

How to Plan for a Scenic Drive

Planning a scenic drive will depend on where you are located and the type of vacation you are interested in for you and your household. Research different routes that are available near you based on your final destination before you begin embarking on your scenic drive. Research various historical landmarks, restaurants, and other locations you may want to stop and visit while you are making your way to your destination. The more familiar you become with the route you choose during your scenic drive, the more opportunities you will be presented with along the way.

Prepare for a Scenic Drive

Anytime you are thinking of taking a scenic drive, it’s best to prepare yourself and your vehicle ahead of time. If you require any car repair services, you will need to address them as quickly as possible before heading out on the open road. Take the time to calculate the mileage between each of your intended destinations. This will help you to plan specific stops and allow you to determine if you will need lodging for specific days of your vacation. The more prepared you are ahead of time, the less likely you are to find yourself encountering trouble along the way.

Sunny vacations do not need to be spent entirely outdoors and directly in the sun. When you are interested in planning sunny vacations for you and your loved ones, there are plenty of options and ideas to consider, depending on the type of outing you and yours typically prefer. Familiarizing yourself with different local activities and options to choose from when planning your next vacation will ensure it goes as smoothly as possible, so you can spend more time focusing on the actual relaxation aspect of getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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