Take a Luxury Tour in Ireland and Scotland

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Ireland and Scotland have long since been hot tourist destinations, often romanticized for their many medieval castles, Gothic churches, idyllic pastoral lands, natural landmarks, and the rich heritage of the Celtic people and the megalithic people before them. Today, many of these wonders can be conveniently visited with tours across both Ireland and Scotland for a fair price, and there is plenty to see in both nations. A luxury tour for middle-aged to older adults, whether alone or in couples or small groups, can bring the wonder of these countries to the fore.

What to See

Ireland and Scotland have no shortage of marvels to see on a luxury tour, and luxury tours of Ireland are one place to start. All inclusive Ireland tours can start with the country’s natural features, as explained at Irish Central. Formed by a volcanic eruption 60 million years ago, the Giant’s Causeway consists of thousands of basalt columns along the coastline of County Antrim, and local folklore imagines it as the remains of a rock bridge that the Irish giant Finn MacCool had built to reach Scotland and duel another giant living there. A luxury tour can also bring tourists to the Aran Islands, which act as living time capsules, where modern technology is minimal and the people live the rustic lifestyle that their ancestors had lived for centuries.

Modern Ireland has plenty to offer in a private guided tour or a public tour. The capital of Dublin, for example, is home to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Ireland’s biggest church and built in the year 1191. Rather than a museum, this cathedral is still in service today for Ireland’s many Catholics (84% of Irish citizens are Catholic). Dublin is a huge city, with a population of 495,781 residents, and there is plenty more to see and do on the quieter parts of a luxury tour, such as visit the city’s many pubs for their authentic drinks, such as Guinness. In fact, Dublin is home to the Guinness Storehouse, a building with a seven-story core with plenty of features in its tour, and even a complimentary pint of Guinness is offered to each guest a the end.

Tours in Scotland offer plenty to see, from castles to the medieval-style countryside to more modern accommodations, according to Visit Scotland . A castle tour will bring luxury tour guests to several famous locations, such as the Eilean Donan castle located next to a loch (lake) near the Isle of Skye, and it is a popular photography subject. Even more famous is the Edinburgh Castle, perched atop an extinct volcano and oversees the nation’s capital, and is the country’s most popular paid-for attraction.

Tour options in Scotland include more modern attractions, such as the Scotland National Gallery, a massive museum dedicated to art pieces ranging form the Renaissance through the 19th century, with artists ranging from Vincent Van Gogh to Raphael being represented here. Edinburgh is also home to the Edinburgh Zoo, for any lover of exotic animals to visit, from pandas to penguins. Another piece of art is the massive “The Kelpies” by Andy Scott, an outdoor sculpture of two horse-like creatures from Scottish folklore, located between Falkirk and Grangemouth.

Wherever a tour group is headed in the UK, a luxury tour can easily encapsulate the history, culture, and modern art of Scotland and Ireland alike and bring these two countries’ heritage to life for a good price.

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