Things To Do While Visiting Summersville WV This Winter

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Are you part of an outdoorsy family who likes to take a family camping trip? Are you looking for your next set of family vacation spots but are worried that most places focus too highly on technology and not enough on nature and the beauty of the world around us? Well then you’re next family vacation spot should probably be to Summersville West Virginia. With 37% of families saying that family vacations make them the happiest, perhaps it is time to take a family vacation that takes that to the max and increases the meaning of family bonding. Perhaps the hiking trails can convince you if our words cannot. Just on the chance that our words can, let’s take a look at some of the things you can do when staying in Summersville West Virginia.

Now that you’ve decided that the biking trail and family fishing are the provided things that your family wants to be sure to do on this vacation, you’re going to need to find some places to do these things. Well lucky for you, Summersville West Virginia has plenty of areas that will make you one with the trees.

Summersville Lake WV

Summersville Like should be one of your destination spots! From rock climbing to scuba diving, there is an adventure for everyone in this beautiful lakeside area. There is even a lighthouse that will complete your beautiful views of this property. With the beautiful surroundings you can enjoy the benefits of nature and the quality time you get to spend with your family, all without the worries of work on your back. Make sure you find the time for rock climbing though! The sights are beautiful ones that you should not miss. This hiking trip could be the excursion you’ve been waiting for.

Long Point Trail

You’ve decided to turn your trip into a hiking trip? In Summersville you’re in luck! With 3.9 miles of hiking trail, it is easy to take in the sights and sounds of West Virginia and ignore the rest of the world. There are a number of activities offered at Long Point Trail all year round, which makes it the perfect destination to get out and enjoy the fresh and beautiful surroundings. Be sure to take a camera to capture some of the memories from this beautiful trip.

History tours

With a heavy background with the Civil War, there are always tours and reenactments to indulge yourself in. If you or someone in your party is a history buff, don’t forget to enjoy the rich history that West Virginia can provide you with. If you don’t mind spending a little bit of time in doors, there are always museums that recount stories of the past. With so many Civil War artifacts you may even find yourself learning on your vacation.

Richwood and Monongahlea National Forest

For the family who rejoices in the time spent outdoors, the sights and sounds are something that can take your breath away and remind you just how much you appreciate the natural sights and sounds around you.This beautiful scenic area is perfect for biking, fishing, hiking, and climbing. Feel free to exhaust yourself completely during the days so that you can crash happily in one of the night hotels right near by.

The next time you’re looking for the perfect hiking trip destination, or just looking for somewhere to make memories in the great outdoors consider your options in Summersville West Virginia, with so much to do and see you might just need a vacation away from your vacation when you finish taking it all in. Family vacation spots Virginia is one of the best destinations for your whole family to grow and learn new things together. Enjoy planning out your next hiking trip that doesn’t even have to break the bank!

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