Land, Air, and Sea The Best Combination for Your Hawaii Experience

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Undoubtedly, you know Hawaii as a gorgeous island with a rich history. You may have even dreamed about visiting its glittering shores for a beautiful vacation. Maybe you even call one of the islands your home.

Hawaii has so much beauty and exploration to offer any visitor or resident. There’s a whole host of activities available for sightseers that will get their hearts pounding with thrill. However, many visitors get caught up in beaches, surfing, or touring restaurants, and never see all of the different worlds of Hawaii.

Next time your brainstorming Hawaii vacation ideas, try upping the adventure. Booking tours of the land, air and sea for a bigger picture of Hawaii’s natural wonders. Consider a trifecta like the following:

  1. Hiking Active Volcanoes
    Hawaii is known for its geographic intrigue. There are several different locations that allow tourists to get close to volcanic features. Hiking offers a unique,personal experience with the mountains and volcanoes. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, for example, offers many beautiful sightseeing and learning opportunities, as well as a map of hiking trails for the active adventurer. Don’t worry; parks are monitored carefully to ensure visitors are safe from high temperatures and volcanic gas.
  2. Scuba Diving Tours
    After touring Hawaii’s unique land features, a plunge in the Pacific will not only cool you off, but show you another Hawaiian world. Scuba diving tours throughout Hawaii offer a huge range of opportunities varying by experience levels, water depth, and the type of ecosystem divers will encounter. Get close to diverse marine wildlife, explore rock formation and reefs, and maybe even see a whale when you book a diving tour.
  3. Helicopter Tours
    Finally, after exploring the land and the sea, the last way to see Hawaii’s breathtaking beauty is by the air! Helicopter tours in Oahu and other locations offer open-doors sightseeing adventures. From above, fliers get a unique sense of the islands’ colors, glittering water, mountains and forests. Book a single tour, or multiple helicopter tours in Oahu, Maui, the Big Island and others to see a greater variety of Hawaiian beauty.

In 2016, on any given day Hawaii had around 220,000 visitors. Unfortunately, many visitors only see one or two sides of the island. By touring the land, air, and sea, your next Hawaiian adventure will be well-rounded and breathtaking.

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