7 Helicopter Charters Services for Business and Leisure

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Hiring a helicopter is not for everyone! It’s mostly for those in high socioeconomic status and those who can really save to enjoy the experience of even a short helicopter tour. But helicopter charter services offer more uses for these birds in addition to private tour rides for groups and individuals celebrating marriage proposals, wedding day charter or aerial dining.

Other charters services include aerial photography, aerial survey and mast, filming and making documentaries, VIP charter, sporting events and emergency transportation. This is a swift, safe and fancy mode of transportation that allows you to arrive on time and in such a grandeur manner.

Romantic Marriage Proposal Flights

“Will you marry me” sounds a little bit different up above 5500 feet. This is certainly a special way to pop that question to that special person in your life. Or maybe you want to ask for engagement! There are more versatile helicopters you can charter for a private helicopter tour and sightseeing adventure over popular places –waiting for the perfect time propose.

Wedding Helicopter Charter

If you are looking for a grand entrance on your special day, charter a helicopter to impress your loved one and the guests alike. Chartering a helicopter on your wedding day will create initial memories you two share together and you’ll leave to treasure that moment. In addition to the great sightseeing adventure, you are allowed to take photos with the helicopter and fill your wedding photo album with amazing memories.

Dinner Helicopter Tours

Helicopter dining offers you a nice way of celebrating someone special – whether it is a birthday, promotion or anniversary, helicopter tours allow you to enjoy fine living while dining in some of the most incredible hotels and restaurants. Scenic nighttime and great sightseeing adventure are what is installed for you.

Helicopter Aerial Photography and Filming

Getting those professional aerial shots of your residence or business calls for helicopter charter. In the video and film industry, in particular, helicopters are widely being used in the production of documentaries, movies, music, sporting and more. Most of these aircraft will come fitted with a removable passenger door enabling the capturing of amazing shots.

Helicopter Charters for Sporting Events

Helicopters have long been used to transfer sports persons from airports to hotels or sports stadiums. It’s an important mode of transport in the sporting industry as it allows sportsmen and women to reach their sporting grounds in time, beating the traffic and just the sense of arriving in style. They are celebrities in their own rights. Helicopters are also used to cover major sporting events such as golfing and motor racing and offer that eye bird view of the sport.

Aerial Mapping, Aerial Surveys, Mast Inspection and Repair Services

Helicopters are used for aerial surveys in collecting essential geographical information such as power lines, pipeline and aerial mast used for different applications including planning and habitat mapping.

VIP Helicopter Charter

VIP clients always want the most prime things in life and chartering a helicopter is not a problem for them. They appreciate being on time and arrive in style – regardless of the destination, and a helicopter allows them to move around much faster between meetings and other corporate events.

If you are looking for Hawaii vacation ideas, why not try Hawaii helicopter tours and experience scenic amazing sightseeing adventures and views of the amazing white sand beaches and dramatic landscapes. Marriage proposals and wedding entrance would never be the same again in helicopter tour services.

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