3 Amazing NBA Cities to Play For (or Visit)

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beach towelIf you happen to be a professional basketball player on the fence about picking the next city and team you’re going to play for (and you happen to be reading this…), hopefully this guide can help you make your decision. More realistically, though, you’re probably not an NBA player, but it’s fun to pretend. Maybe you can use this to decide what team to visit on your next vacation.

Anyways, here are some of the best NBA cities to play for (and visit):


Historically, Oakland hasn’t been all that prestigious of a place to play or visit, but all of that has drastically changed over the last five years. Now that Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson are seemingly breaking every basketball record that ever existed, walking into Oracle Arena in Oakland is more exciting than ever before. Plus, it’s tough to beat Southern California’s weather. Walk the beach during the day and play alongside (or watch) the best three-point shooters in history.

Los Angeles

LA is LA, so it doesn’t even matter if both the Clippers and the Lakers were the worst teams ever, it’s still a great city to play in, live in, or visit. And as of July 1, 2018, the King of the World resides there, too: LeBron James. LeBron on the Lakers is the best thing to happen to basketball in a long time, so you’ll love being a part of this excitement. Also, even better beaches! Roughly 53% of beachgoers prefer to sunbathe so grab a cool beach towel, lay out in the sun, and hope you see anyone who has even been in the same room as LeBron.


One of the most fun cities in the world with some of the most beautiful people and the coolest and most amazing beaches — what’s more to ask for? Miami with LeBron was almost too much, now that he’s on the other part of the country it’s a little more peaceful. Although Pitbull is doing everything he can to keep Miami extremely fun. Also, great Miami beaches!

There are obviously a lot more cities and teams that are great, but these three happen to shine above all the rest. The one thing they have in common: they all have amazing beaches. Whether you’re a millionaire NBA player or just a fan looking to have a little fun in the sun, make sure you are rocking some cool custom promotional beach towels with your favorite team’s logo on them. If you want to buy some creative beach towels in bulk, give Holden Towels a call right away!

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