Keep Your Beach Home Cool With These 10 AC Tips

Willis Carrier invented the electric air conditioning system in 1902. Carrier received a patent on his invention in 1906. Carrier also invented an automatic thermostat to control his air conditioner. Carrier’s air conditioner was designed to cool air and reduce humidity. It used a compression-expansion cycle to cool a refrigerant that could absorb heat from […]

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Dreaming of a Home by the Sea? Consider These 4 Challenges Beach House Owners Face

All homes require regular maintenance and upkeep, from plumbing service to electrical work to roof and siding repair. But beach houses need a little extra TLC due to the wear and tear the natural environment poses on the structure and surrounding landscape. If you’re considering becoming the proud new owner of seaside real estate, make […]

3 Amazing NBA Cities to Play For (or Visit)

If you happen to be a professional basketball player on the fence about picking the next city and team you’re going to play for (and you happen to be reading this…), hopefully this guide can help you make your decision. More realistically, though, you’re probably not an NBA player, but it’s fun to pretend. Maybe […]

Design Your Dream Beach House

Yes, we did it. We have our dream. It’s a beach house. Awesome. But now we need design ideas. And we only have one shot at this. So where do you get the best design ideas? Well magazines are awesome for this. If you know a designer, that’s super awesome too. You might be tempted […]