7 Places to Find One-of-a-Kind Family Cabin Rentals in the United States

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Family camping ranks as one of the most popular vacation choices among Americans. In 2011 alone, American families spent nearly 535 million days camping together. There’s good reason for this: studies have found that 57% of children who camp also participate in other outdoor activities. Almost 90% of campers across all ages participate in multiple outdoor activities beyond just camping. If you want to encourage your family to engage with the outdoors, one great way to do so is through family camping vacations.

If you have young children or a family that’s not so fond of roughing it, however, a camping vacation may be hard to swing. Don’t abandon hope yet, though. There is at least one way to enjoy the outdoor experience of camping without sleeping on the ground: cabin camping.

With family cabin rentals, you get the benefits of the wild outdoors without forsaking the creature comforts of home. Family cabin rentals range from modest single-room buildings that provide a roof over your head and bed to sleep in to full-scale luxury homes. It’s up to you and your family which route you’d prefer to go.

Here are seven cabin camping sites across the U.S. that are as sure to please as they are unique:

  1. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

    Cabin camping in Tennessee doesn’t get much better than Gatlinburg. On the outskirts of the Great Smoky Mountains, this resort town offers nearly every outdoor activity in the book. Whether your interests lie in hiking and wildlife sightseeing, fishing, or skiing, there is a time of year when Gatlinburg can provide what you’re looking for. There’s also a downtown with more urban entertainments such as a theater, museum, and theme park, for when you grow weary of convening with nature.
  2. Estes Park, Colorado

    We can’t have an outdoor adventure list and not include one of Colorado’s state parks. In the Rocky Mountains you’ll find Estes Park, where rumor has it the most scenic landscape in the country resides. With family cabin rentals that include all the amenities plus mountain views that can’t be rivaled, Estes Park has it all.
  3. Asheville, North Carolina

    Back to the Smoky Mountains we go, but this time to the North Carolina side. Asheville, NC has it all: seclusion, natural beauty, and lively family-friendly culture. You can find family cabin rentals in the hills or opt for a resting spot closer to town depending on which of Asheville’s attractions appeals to you the most.
  4. Blue Ridge, Georgia

    Are you looking for an intimate family vacation in a small town? Consider cabin camping in Georgia at Blue Ridge’s mountainside town. In the Appalachian Mountains, your family cabin rentals at Blue Ridge will open your eyes to the majesty of Mother Nature. Hiking, waterfalls, and tubing are just a few of the outdoor excursions you’re sure to find and enjoy. Oh, and did we mention your family cabin rentals come with jacuzzi tubs and cable TV to fully unwind?
  5. Hocking Hills, Ohio

    Finding family cabin rentals more quaint than those offered in Hocking Hills would be hard to do. These countryside cottages come with all the luxuries: some even include a hot tub. Enjoy a morning cup of coffee while gazing out at the stunning views from your outdoor patio then set out for a zipline tour of the surrounding area. If ziplining is too much, there’s always canoeing and hiking, too.
  6. Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

    River tours, nature hikes, magic shows, and theme parks are all to be had at Wisconsin Dells. Claim one of the family cabin rentals offered in the midst of this parks many streams, waterfalls, and cliffs for a scenic getaway like few others.
  7. Sevierville, Tennesse

    We know we said cabin camping in Tennessee couldn’t get much better than Gatlinburg, but we’d be remiss not to touch on another hidden gem in the Great Smoky Mountains: Sevierville. While the family cabin rentals don’t boast anything grander than Gatlinburg, Seviersville’s real draw is the Forbidden Caverns. Experienced guides are available to offer tours through these mesmerizing caves.

Whether you’re new to cabin camping or simply looking for something new, these seven family-friendly destinations are sure to please. Can’t decide where to go? Why not make a road trip of it and visit all seven?

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