If You’re Mixing up Camping and Campy, You May Need to Actually Go Camping!

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Cabin camping in illinois

If you ask anyone what their favorite spring or summer activity is, odds are a good number of people will probably say camping. Whether it’s cabin camping or going out and pitching a good old fashioned tent, camping is one of the most popular past times in recent history.

In a recent survey, over 70% of campers said that they were in the process of planning three or more camping trips within the next year. In fact, camping is so popular among Americans that collectively, people in the United States spent over 500 million days camping. Now you might be wondering what’s so fun about sitting in a tent and cooking over a campfire for five days, but the truth is that there’s so much more to camping than just being in the woods.

Public campgrounds offer both plots of land for tenting, as well as cabin camping locations. In fact, some campgrounds will even rent out plots for trailers and RV’s. So it’s not all tromping through the woods to find a place to pitch a tent. In addition, most public campgrounds have a central hub and plan activities for families who camp with them. Family camping vacations may often be portrayed as hilarious mishaps on television, but truthfully, they can be enriching, as well as a good source of family bonding time.

Cabin camping sites often offer activities such as hikes, nature walks, and even sporting activities. Some campgrounds even plan events during the evenings, such as concerts or dances. So if you find yourself complaining about a lack of things to do, you can always look at a campground’s website and see what kind of activities they have to offer. Family vacation doesn’t have to be the kids yelling at each other and parents yelling at the kids to stop yelling! It can be a fun experience, and an enriching one, too.

So next time someone suggests camping as a vacation
, don’t knock it off the list right away! Learning about nature and spending time breathing in fresh air on family vacations can be a relaxing, and refreshing experience, and who knows? You may want to do it again next year.

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