Thinking Of Going Camping This Summer? Here Are Some Fun Ideas To Help You Get Started

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Colorado campgrounds

What makes camp resorts so popular, anyway? Is it the convenience of having many different activities in one spot? Or is it the comfort and accessibility that sets them apart? Whether you’re a fan of swimming or a lover of the great outdoors, camp resorts have all but become the most famous past-time of the United States. Millions of Americans go camping every year and consider it one of the highlights of the spring and summer. They’re a fantastic way of reconnecting with family and can even bolster your physical health with a host of different leg-strengthening and arm-strenghtening activities. If you’re thinking of checking out Oklahoma camping or Michigan campgrounds, read below as to why enjoying the great outdoors is an old American tradition and how you can take part.

Why Do People Like To Go Camping?

Camping is considered one of the best ways to get fit, spend time with loved ones and enjoy the sunshine. Many surveys have been conducted to find out why camping is so popular — 12% of adult participants said they prefer to camp with family, while nearly 50% said they enjoyed all that camping has to offer. Family camping vacations are prime for catching up with loved ones and celebrating events like birthdays, with many choosing favorite campgrounds to visit year after year. America has always had some of the most beautiful forests and mountains around, which only get more radiant during the sweltering summer months.

How Often Do People Go Camping?

The number of people who go camping every year is off the charts. The 2014 study conducted in American Camper Report found that over 40 million Americans, or 14% of the population over the age of six, camped the previous year. These include, but are not limited to, tent camping, RVs, cabins, yurts and camp resorts. The vast majority of surveyed campers participated in multiple outdoor activities, at 86%, and over 90% said they plan on camping every year. So, what do people like to do when enjoying America’s mountains, forests and lakes?

What Do People Like To Do When Camping?

Camp resorts are fun because of the mountain of things you can do over your stay. Hiking, fishing, swimming, boating, bird-watching, painting, jogging and grilling are just some of the activities families and friends alike gravitate toward. If you’re looking to stay fit, choosing a routine and going hiking will do wonders for working out your legs and strengthening your heart. Try kayaking or swimming for strengthening your arms and upper body muscles. For those looking for more relaxing activities, consider fishing — not only is it a great way to enjoy the weather, you can potentially catch your next dinner! Last, but not least, photography, bird-watching and painting are perfect for those with an artistic streak.

How Should I Plan My Camping Trip?

The year 2010 alone saw over 40 million people camping for a total of 515 million outings. The vast majority of camping is done in public campgrounds, at around 70%, and many see themselves returning to their favorite locations time after time. When choosing a campground, make a list of the activities you and your group want to do over the days. Safety is paramount and bringing along essential items, such as flares and flashlights, will help immensely in case of an emergency. Camp resorts, even now, are some of the most popular destinations for families and friends looking for a fun and bountiful weekend. Where will you go this summer?

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