What’s Your Favorite Season for Camping?

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North carolina campgrounds

Camping is a favorite summer vacation for many American families. As well as tent camping, many camp resorts offer cabin rentals, making it possible to go camping in the fall. A different season brings a different camping experience. There’s nothing like hiking through the woods as the fall colors turn, and snuggling in front of a cozy fire with a mug of hot chocolate in the evenings. Given all the fun and excitement of camping, it’s no wonder that people keep coming back for more, year after year.

Tents, cabins and yurts, oh my!
Camp resorts offer many different kinds of accommodations and camping amenities, keeping in mind the needs of families with children. As well as tent camping spaces, there are RV hookups, log cabins, and even yurts. Specially hardy and adventurous souls can also bivouac out in the open, sleeping under the stars.
Many family campgrounds have log cabins for rent as well. These are fun to live in at any time of year, but are an especially good choice for early fall camping trips. Camping in the fall is a completely different experience from the summer. The air is crisp and cool, the woods are spectacular, and the skies are full of migrating birds.

Living in a log cabin
Even if only for a few days, you get to experience life in a log cabin. Some cabins are basic rooms, with a picnic table and a fire pit just outside. Just like tent camping, you need to bring your own bed linens, cooking utensils and plates, and other supplies. More comfortable “full-service” cabins come furnished and equipped with kitchenettes.
Some even have air conditioning, TVs, front porches and loft areas. Log cabins are a good option for families with kids, letting you cook healthy meals while camping. Life in a log cabin lets you imagine the romance and simplicity of pioneer life, without all of the accompanying hardships.

There might be bears
Family camping trips that introduce kids to the fun and magic of camping create memories that will last a lifetime. They also create a love of camping that kids will hold on to throughout their lives. Pitching tents in a wooded campground, cooking over a campfire or stove, and learning how to coexist with wildlife (keep all food tightly shut away and out of reach): the basics of camping teach kids self-reliance and adventure.
A family camping trip brings it all together – the excitement, the break from the usual routine, the chance to observe wildlife in its natural habitat. You can help your kids to identify animal footprints, learn about the trees, birds, wild flowers and berries, and to understand our connectedness to nature which is all too easy to forget in the artificial environments in which we spend out lives.

Camp resorts offer fun family vacations
Camp resorts offer many different types of activities on site. Most are surrounded by hiking and biking trials, and many are located near lakes and streams which provide opportunities for fishing, swimming and boating. They also offer information on area attractions, including sightseeing, historical landmarks and museums, etc.
Family holidays in camp resorts are a low-key way to spend quality time with your family. They’re also easy on your wallet. Many camp resorts offer various activities on site, so there’s almost no reason to leave the campground.

For most campers, the motivations simple: the fun of camping, and spending time with family and friends. Not surprisingly, around 40 million Americans go camping each year. And they go back year after year.

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