What to Pack When Renting a Beach House

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It’s always an incredible feeling when you book a beach house for a stay with either family or friends. You can almost feel the sand on your toes and the breeze caused by calm waves along the shore as you click the ‘Complete booking process’ option. The dilemma arises when considering what to pack when renting a beach house. You must have a packing list when preparing for your vacation, ensuring you carry all the essentials. Here is a list of what to pack when renting a beach house for a vacation.


When packing clothes for the beach vacation, you should look at the bigger picture and pack clothes required past hanging by the pools or by the beach. The clothes you decide to bring on your beach vacation should be your preference, and it’s advisable only to carry clothes that you can wear. Hence, avoid overpacking. You can usually find yourself in a swimsuit, and packing several swimsuits can be an advantage. You can try and figure out the period of your vacation and carry the swimsuits you are likely to wear within that time. For instance, your holiday vacation may last for a month, and having about ten swimsuits can hold you down for days. You can wear one while the others are drying.

The other attire on the list of what to pack when renting a beach house for a holiday is swimsuit cover-ups. The cover-ups are perfect for wearing on top of your bikinis if you feel like your body is too exposed or when visiting sacred regions near the beach like temples and monasteries. Women wear cover-ups to cover up their shoulders and legs while in swimsuits. You can carry about five of them with you if you are out for two weeks’ beach vacation. For men, shorts should be at the top of your clothes list. The beach weather is hot, and chilling on the beach in trousers can get uncomfortable due to the intense heat. Shorts are a solution, and packing three to four shorts can save you the repurchase costs. You can wear shorts while having fun by the beach or when strolling through the shopping centers around the vacation region.

Tank tops go well with shorts and you must pack a few. Around four to six tank tops can do for a month’s beach vacation. Ensure you choose tank tops that can mix and match effortlessly with the rest of your attire. Dresses are other essential outfits you should have on what to pack when renting a beach house list. Most girls prefer wearing dresses over shorts and bringing two to five dresses. You can take more dresses and fewer shorts and vice versa, but you can do that based on your taste. You can also carry a sexy dress and other dinner outfits when you decide to have a dinner date in luxurious places.

Consider carrying a pair of pants and light jackets because sometimes the beach nights get cold. A rain jacket can also be worthwhile if the region you plan to visit experiences downpours unexpectedly. Other clothes that you should include in your outfit list are socks, underwear, and pajamas. About two to three bras and five knickers can work for a beach vacation week. Two pairs of pajamas are all you need because they can get washed if you stay longer.


When it comes to shoes, there are several recommended shoes you can bring along on your beach vacation. They include flip-flops, given that you will most of the time stay by the sandy beach, and a pair of flip-flops can help you have fun with comfortable feet. Sandals are also must-haves you can use while walking around the region’s town. You can choose a wide range of colors that match your outfits. Water shoes are also crucial on beaches that have corals and rocks.

A pair of meshy water shoes can be among what to pack when renting a beach house for a vacation. A pair of heels and official shoes for men can be helpful when going out for dinner in restaurants near the beach house, so ensure you pack a few. You can decide to carry exercise shoes in cases where you need to go for morning or evening beach runs.

Beach Essentials

There are items that you should have while on the beach. Some are used for fun, while others protect you from the conditions. A beach hat is one of the essentials required to protect your face from getting sunburns. It would help if you considered a hat with a long brim all round for it to cover your skin efficiently. The other essential is a beach towel that you can use to dry off wetness when coming out of a pool or the ocean. Ensure you pick a towel that has microfibers and is lightweight for it to dry fast. Another advantage of choosing a micro-fibred beach towel is that it doesn’t stick sand on — hence it is easy to clean.

When you want to have fun under the water, there are outfits you should wear, for example, a snorkel set. Carry a good-quality snorkel set, and you can also find them in the beach house you rent. You can hire one, but purchasing one for yourself is best because you buy the perfect fit. Floating devices can also comprise what to pack when renting a beach house. You can bring some unicorn floaties and take cute pictures lying on them. It may not be practical to pack them when flying to the beach house, but if you are flying, you can pack them.

A bodyboard can be vital to carry if your beach house trip is along the road. They help your backrest comfortably throughout the road trip. When you are driving to a beach house for a vacation, a beach shelter set is essential if your host doesn’t offer one. A beach shelter includes a few beach chairs and a tent that shelters you from direct sunlight when spending some hours by the beachside. Ensure you invest in a quality beach shelter for longevity.

Other beach essentials you should carry are sunglasses and water bottles that are not plastic. Only reusable water bottles should be packed due to the plastic effects on the environment. Sunscreen is also the most significant essential you should consider as it protects your skin from damage. Ensure the sunscreen has an SPF 50 and above to continue glowing as you vacay.


You may wonder what other bags you may be required to pack apart from the traveling luggage bags. You will, of course, require other bags like a handbag. A handbag can carry your wallet, keys, camera, cash, and other tiny details, since it’s a small shoulder bag. You might require a medium backpack where you can put your laptop and water bottles or carry them during a sightseeing day. This can also be used instead of carrying a handbag.

A beach bag can also be carried where you can store all your beach items like towels, cover-ups, and moisturizers. For those people who don’t like carrying backpacks, this can be an option. It would be best if you also had a toiletry bag where you can put all your toiletries and preferably a small clear bag that saves you the hassle of going through security at the airport.

A wet bag should also be on the list of what to pack when renting a beach house. A wet bag is used to put in wet swimsuits after spending time in the water. It keeps your wet outfits from other items in your beach bag. A dry bag can also be carried when heading for activities such as boat trips or kayaking. Some dry bags have a waistline pouch where you can put your phone.


Some toiletries can be bought at your destination, but you can choose what items to pack from your home. The significant toiletry during a beach vacation is sunscreen and moisturizing creams for your face, body, and eyes because spending time exposed to the sun dries up your skin. You can carry a make-up kit, but a make-up set is optional for some people. Other items to carry are a shaving razor and cream for haircuts, especially when you know your body gets hairy.

A shampoo, treatment, and conditioner for cleaning and maintaining your hair should be packed in small travel sizes. Body wash of your preference, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair brush and ties, and deodorants should be must-have items. All the products you use for your skincare routine should be packed well in small travel sizes when you are on a beach vacation.


You may require some medication, and it’s important for them to be on the list of what to pack when renting a beach house. Bring some painkillers and muscle relaxers, so you don’t have to worry about finding the pharmacy near your vacation area. Other medications to carry are motion sickness pills taken by people affected by motion, especially during boat trips. A mosquito repellent can be used as mosquito control to prevent you from getting mosquito bites in the evening, and you should pack it as essential medication. Also, if your medication is liquid, ensure it is stored in non-leaking jars when traveling to avoid minor inconveniences.


Electronics should be a part of what to pack when renting a beach house. Here are some items that you should consider. You can use a camera to take photos and vlog your vacation experience and a mobile phone to stay connected to your friends and family. You can also pack an underwater camera to take shots when snorkeling. A waterproof phone cover and pouch are essential to keep your phone from getting into contact with water. A travel adapter is essential too for charging your laptop and tablet.

You can also carry headphones for listening to music or watching movies as you travel or while lying by the beach. A charger and power bank allows your electronics to stay fully charged for you to capture endless moments and keep tabs on how your business offices are being run.


You should have essential documents on your list of what to pack when renting a beach house. Some of them include a passport or visa if you are traveling overseas and a passport holder to keep the passport safe. It can help if you have a travel wallet to keep your credit, debit, and bank cards. You are also required to have money in cash, as there are areas that don’t allow credit and debit cards as forms of payment. You may decide to go for beach real estate viewing when you want to buy a home by the beach, and your identification documents can be necessary if a deal gets too good. Another document you should never leave home without is travel insurance.


Before carrying your pets, you should consider asking about the rules and regulations of the beach house you rented. If they allow pets, you can carry yours if you own one. There are several essentials for what to pack when renting a beach house with your pet, like, pet boarding where they can stay during the trip and in the beach house when you want them to sleep and stay locked up.

You can also pack up a first aid kit for your pet, sunscreen, toys, an umbrella or tent, a swimming life vest, and a feeding bowl. Some towels and cute outfits can be part of what to pack when renting out a beach house that allows pets. If the house rules don’t allow pets, you might consider leaving your pet in daycare and having a close relative check on it severally when you are away.


It’s vital to carry black-out curtains to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. Most vacation beach house rentals have patio doors with sheer curtains. Thus, the street lighting penetrates through the bedrooms, causing trouble sleeping. You can also carry clothing hangers because the beach house may not provide enough. Remember to carry laundry detergents because you may use a particular type on your clothes, and mixing different types can impact your clothes’ quality. If you have a toddler, you can come with a stroller and bike while driving to the beach house.

When figuring out what to pack when renting a beach house, the best thing to do is write down a list of all the items you require. Don’t overpack and don’t fail to carry necessary items. With the ways as mentioned above of packing for a beach trip, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your vacation. To make the preparation more manageable, you can consult with the person renting out the beach house about the essentials they provide for you to know which items to leave home.

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