What to Know About Mercury Outboard Motor Parts When at Your Beach House

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Skinny River names almost all the parts of a mercury outboard motor parts. The components are many, meaning one can spend a lot of time identifying and knowing the many mercury outboard motor parts. There are things one should know about a mercury outboard at their house, including the following.

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Get to know the type of engine of the mercury outboard. There are two main types, two-engine, and four-engine. The difference between the two-mercury outboard motor parts is that two-cycle engines mix oil plus gasoline in one fuel tank, whereas the four-cycle does not.
The year of a mercury outboard motor part also needs determination. You can do that by locating the mounting bracket, where you will find the model number engraved on the transom bucket. Once you have all the information of interest, it is wise to write the number and document it or take a snapshot for easy access. Knowing the year can help estimate the longevity of mercury outboard motor parts.

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