3 Ways to Enjoy an Unforgettable Trip to Alaska

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Planning to go on holiday with family or friends? Finding the best destination can mean the difference between an incredible and less satisfying getaway experience. Alaska, in particular, is a haven of exciting attractions, activities and experiences for business travelers and vacationers alike. It’s a place with an overwhelming list of locations and activities to try out for a memorable holiday vacation.

Alaska is popularly known for providing statewide helicopter flightseeing, where you get to take in the spectacular views Alaska has to offer, enjoy exhilarating glacier landing or dog sledding through exotic Alaska forests. These are the three most common activities that can guarantee you the perfect Alaska experience.

1. Alaska Helicopter Tours

Alaska by foot is quite interesting from the landscapes, wilderness, vast forests and other natural features. But try to explore this place from an aerial view it’s something magical, to say the least.

Helicopter rides in Alaska offer exceptional aerial sightseeing experience and access to the remotest, wild places and hidden sites that would have been difficult to explore by land. Sightseeing from helicopters is exciting, comfortable and incredibly fun to a small fixed-wing airplane.

Takeoff is just a matter of minutes and you’re quickly airborne ready for an incredibly cool sightseeing adventure as well as a chance for a rare helicopter journey — if it’s your first time.

Some of the benefits you get to enjoy with Alaska helicopter tours include.

  • Breathtaking Views Unlike small, fixed-winged planes with obstructive views, helicopter rides offer clear and unimpeded glass views from every direction. Regardless of where you choose to look, there’s plenty to see beneath and on the horizon.
  • Convenient Helicopter tour services offer multiple tour packages ranging from 30 minutes – 60 minutes ride to a full day customize tour, where you can request a convenient pick-up and drop-off point at your Anchorage hotel.
  • Safety Like most helicopter tour services, particularly those operating in Hawaii, helicopter tour rides in Alaska are also subjected to strict conditions to ensure flight safety. All pilots are certified and have immense experience in flying over Alaska.
  • Helpful and Knowledgeable Pilots Helicopter rides in Alaska are manned with experience and personable pilots that go out of their way to ensure their best experiences to guests. They know where the most amazing sites are and find pleasure showing their guests. Some are extremely kind to point out wildlife and other notable features as well as answering your questions.
  • Custom Tours Another benefit of chartering a helicopter tour is the ability to customize– whether you’re looking for spots perfect for aerial photography or plan to propose while flying over spectacular Alaska.

2. Glacier Landing

In addition to enjoying flightseeing, helicopter rides in Alaska can also offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a thrilling glacier landing for an unforgettable adventure. Picture yourself standing aboard a mile-high glacier that formed as much as a thousand years ago. It sounds really interesting.

Alaska is home to thousands of glaciers with some of them stretching for up to 25 miles long and wide face, perfect for sightseeing. Essentially, you’ll land on a glacier and enjoy at least 30 minutes guided tour to explore the composition of glaciers including craggy chunks of icebergs, crevasses, waterfalls, glacier rivers and frozen lakes.

If you don’t plan to move a lot atop a glacier, you might as well have fun taking amazing photographs with the helicopter offering a distinct background along miles of white and rocky surfaces.

3. Glacier Dog Sledding Tour

Pair Alaska helicopter tour, glacier landing with glacier dog sledding for an ultimate Alaska experience like no other. Dog sledding also knows as dog mushing allows you to ride through vast Alaska forest while enjoying the amazing scenery.

Ideally, a complete dog mushing tour takes about 90 minutes and can be enjoyed only from May to September. It’s usually come as part of a helicopter tour and incorporate small groups of people where you also get to interact with the locals and their sled dogs.

From helicopter rides in Alaska to dog mushing, we’ve seen what Alaska has to offer in regards to an amazing holiday vacation experience. Add one or all to your bucket list of things you’d like to try out.

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