5 Cheap Places to Travel International

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If you want to see the world, there are a lot of options for cheap international travel. In 2016 about 218 billion people traveled to or from America on various airline flights, and in some ways there?s never been a better time for international travel. If you?re thinking about discount travel abroad, read on for five of the cheapest, but still amazing, destinations available right now:

South Africa: Adventure and Luxury

If you?re the sort of person who wants the option to go on safari and camp out in the wilds or go surfing, but also likes wine tasting and the good life, South Africa might just be for you. It has a solid and stable infrastructure and developed tourist industry, but still offers a lot of adventure options. Just remember that their seasons are the opposite of those in North America, and that going in the off season is always the best way to save money.

Chile: Amazing Value for Money

A recent AARP survey showed that 41% of Baby Boomers are choosing Latin American when flying internationally, compared to 34% going to Europe. That might seem a surprising choice for cheap international travel, but Chile can offer some of the best bang for your buck. Santiago has vibrant night life, lovely wine bars, great tapas, and amazing hotels at decent prices. Car rentals are simple and cheap, so you can go exploring everywhere. Don?t miss the lakes district and Patagonia, as well.

Crete: Foodie Paradise

The economic situation in Greece is keeping prices low and making tourists especially welcome. This is a great place for cheap international travel, with amazing farm-fresh food (they won?t know what you mean by ?organic? because, to them, ?organic? is just ?the right way to do it?). There are also gorgeous beaches, plenty of lovely hikes, and friendly, welcoming people.

Vietnam: Upscale Accommodation with Unforgettable Culture

Prices in Vietnam are surprisingly cheap, especially given the quality of hotels and tours available. The street food is to die for, and if you ever see more beautiful vistas this side of heaven, we?ll be totally shocked. Be sure to book a tour through the markets and streets: it?s cheap, and you?ll learn the names of all your favorite street foods so you can order them again and again throughout your trip.

Portugal: Europe Without European Prices

Western Europe is renowned for its cost. It can really drain your pocket to visit, and usually when you think of cheap international travel, Western Europe isn?t on anyone?s list. But Portugal is an oasis off affordable luxury and gorgeous vistas you don?t have to pay out the nose for. Rent a car and get off the main roads. You?ll avoid the tolls and be free to explore some of Europe?s most gorgeous landscapes. Don?t forget to sample the fine, but inexpensive, port.

There?s a lot of options for discount travel these days, and these are just a few of the best options. Whatever your budget, you can find airline deals to meet your needs, and amazing destinations to explore that will change you forever.

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