Three Destinations for Your Charleston Buggy Ride

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Classic carriage tours charleston sc

Visiting Charleston, South Carolina? If you haven’t, you should. Hundreds of thousands of people go there every year, and there’s good reason they do. The city earned Travel and Leisure Magazine’s top spot for “World’s Best Cities” in 2016. Charleston is a great place if you like history (it has more than 300 years of it, much of it still around to be explored), beaches (90 miles of Atlantic coastline!), or just a nice climate (the average daily temperature is just under 66 degrees F). One of the coolest things to do in Charleston, though, is to take buggy rides. Classic carriage rides and evening carriage tours can take you to some of Charleston’s best spots, or provide a romantic interlude to an adventure-filled vacation. If you’re thinking about buggy rides, here are three places you need to visit in a horse carriage:

The Battery

If history is your thing, buggy rides to the Battery, and especially the southern tip where White Point Garden is located, are a must. The garden got this name because of the enormous piles of oyster shells at the edge of the water, bleached white by the sun, and it’s been there since 1837. The Battery is a defensive seawall that was an important fortification during the Civil War. The area also served as a gallows area in the early eighteenth century, and several notorious pirates were hanged there.


If you appreciate architecture, then take buggy rides that will take you around to see the Cathedral of St. John the Baptists, the Bethel Methodist Church, and St. Michaels Episopal–a National Historic Landmark. Those are just three of many historic churches worth touring in Charleston.

The Waterfront

This is an amazing park of 12 acres with grand views of Charleston Harbor. It’s also home to the Pineapple Fountain, and many other fountains as well, including a splash fountain that kids and adults will both enjoy. The park received a Landmark Award for distinguished landscape design and also includes a lovely pier for fishing, walking, and swinging.

Charleston is an amazing vacation destination and has something for everyone, whether you’re a family, a couple, or a solo adventurer. While you’re there, look into buggy rides that can enhance your enjoyment of one of America’s oldest cities. There’s nothing like a Charleston horse carriage tour!

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