Reasons to Charter a Private Jet for Your Employees Who Travel for Work

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Are you considering some new investments you could make in your business? If you?ve had an especially good year and you?re looking for ways to improve your company?s operations, there are plenty of options to choose from. While you could opt to buy a bigger office space or redecorate your current office, you should consider making an investment that benefits you, your employees, and the company as a whole. One thing that meets all those requirements is offering the option for private flights to your employees.

Interested in learning more about why you should consider investing in the best private jet or chartered flight options? Keep reading for more information on how these can benefit your company and employees.

Reasons to Consider Private Flights and Private Jet Charter at Your Company

If your company tends to travel a lot for business-related meetings, conferences, and other events, you don?t want to waste your time, your employees? time, or your company?s money during the process. Flying commercially can do just that.

When you fly commercially, everyone is forced to spend so much valuable work time traveling instead. For instance, you have to first calculate how much time it takes to get to and from the airport. Then, you have to consider how early you need to arrive to make it through security. Next, you have to consider the time lost for working when you?re on a loud and crowded commercial flight. At the end of the day, traveling to and from a destination could easily cost each employee the loss of two work days.

This where private flights taken by choosing to charter a jet can be beneficial. Flying commercially can cause business people to become 40% less productive, according to a survey from 2009. If you put the same employees on a private aircraft, they?re likely to become extremely productive. Employees get so much work done on private flights that many state they are 20% more productive on these flights than they would have been in the office.

Private jets can also fly to and from specific destinations quicker due to the elevation at which they fly. They don?t have to deal with as much air traffic when they fly higher than 35,000 feet, unlike commercial flights.

If you?re concerned about where you can fly to and from using a private jet, there?s no reason to. More than 5,000 airports in the United States have the capabilities of sending flights out and receiving flights that are on chartered jets.

Are you going to do more research to find the best private flights and jets for your company? Let us know your thoughts on productivity for employees on commercial versus private jets.

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