When You’re Thinking about Traveling, Think Bus Companies First

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Charter rental

Travel has come along with since the horse drawn buses of the 1820s. Today, you can travel in luxury without breaking the bank with a motorcoach tour. This can be a tour planned by you or your group and simply renting transportation from the bus company, or it can be through one of the thousands of pre-determined trips offered through motorcoach companies.

Bus trips provide a unique opportunity to see things you may not normally see. These trips are generally planned out to include the lodging, food, and destinations. They can be as short as an afternoon or as long as a week or longer. Motorcoaches account for approximately 751,000,000 passenger trips per year.

It is a more cost-effective way to travel, which makes travel affordable for more people. It is also a business-friendly way to travel. The motorcoach industry is make up of almost 3500 small businesses. The industry overall includes over 33,000 vehicles that provide charters, tours, and sightseeing among other transportation services.

A single motorcoach tour infuses as much as $11,660 into the local economy through meals, lodging, and other spending. Those are small businesses in towns all across the United States that benefit from tour groups and bus travelers.

Although not widely seen as a “green initiative” Motor coaches are actually the most fuel efficient method of traveling. A motorcoach proides 206 passenger mils per gallon of fuel. Compare that to 92 passenger miles per gallon for the train, 44 passenger miles per gallon for a plane, and 27 passenger miles for a single passenger automobile.

Bus companies provide a level of travel that isn’t otherwise available. One of the many ways this is accomplished is by making the drive part of the adventure. When you fly somewhere, you only enjoy the final destination. When you ride somewhere on a bus, you can enjoy the scenery all along the way.

Often times, bus trips include stops on the way to the final destination, which is only a portion of the overall trip. This helps to break up long trips, as well as see things you may have otherwise missed like road side attractions, must eat diners, and small town museums.

Bus companies off a wide variety of trips, but if there is a specific destination you have in mind, don’t be afraid to suggest it. You never know what kinds of trips may be considered for the next schedule.

Schools often use bus companies when planning class trips due to the overall safety, efficiency, ease of planning, and cost-effectiveness. Again, regardless of whether it is a one-day all-school trip or a four-day band trip, schools typically rely on motorcoach travel.

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