How to Make the Best of Your Family Camping Trip When You Hate Camping

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Do you dread the annual family camping trip? Your children enjoy spending days outdoors, but you could do without. You easily get bored and you miss your technology. Camping is not for everyone, but if you are unable to find any amount of enjoyment in your camping vacation, it is possible that you are not planning it properly. Camping can take on many different forms and it should be catered around the interests and hobbies of those attempting the camping trip. This year, consider one of these unique camping trip ideas.

Get out of the tent
Tent camping is the most extreme form of camping. It is for those who enjoy spending their vacation entirely outdoors. For others, the ground is rough and uncomfortable and you have no electricity or running water. If you dread sleeping in a camp, move your camping trip to cabin rentals. Cabin rentals have many of the amenities of home, including electricity, running water, and air conditioning. Additionally, you do not have to take away from the camping experience of those who enjoy tent sleeping. You can still pitch a couple of tents outdoors, while you get your beauty rest in the cabin rentals.

Camp at a destination
When you think of camping, you probably picture a tent in the middle of nowhere. Camping does not need to be in the middle of a forest to be considered camping. Instead, choose a campground or cabin rentals that are nearby enticing attractions. If your idea of a great vacation is soaking up sun rays at the local beach, choose cabin rentals on the beach. In 2013, campers traveled an average distance of 186.7 miles for camping trips. In most states, you can find diverse camping options with just a short drive.

Plan numerous exciting activities
If you are the type of person that gets bored easily, be sure to fill up your camping vacation with a variety of exciting activities. Camping does not have to mean sitting around a campfire exclusively. Visit local city attractions. Go to horse farms in the area and try out your horseback riding skills. Find a local museum and spend the day indoors. Look up some of the best restaurants in the area and take a break from campfire food. Go to the local beach for a refreshing swim. Bring your golf clubs for a day on the greens. There are more than 1,300 golf courses just in the state of Florida. Regardless of the location of your cabin rentals, there are likely many things to do in the local area.

Bring the comforts of home
Do you hate camping because you cannot have your morning coffee? Do you miss your blow dryer? Are you unable to disconnect from work with no electricity? It is okay to bring the comforts of home on your camping trip, if it makes the trip better for you. Cabin rentals with electricity allow you to bring your favorite coffee maker. You can also plug in your blow dryer after a refreshing shower. With electrical outlets, you can charge your electronic devices and routinely check on work throughout the day. Anything that makes you relax easier should be brought from home. Even if you have a favorite pillow, bring it with you.

Camping is one of the most common family vacations. It is cost affordable and has many opportunities for entertainment. Yet, there are a large percentage of people who do not particularly enjoy camping. Approximately 37% of families say that vacations make them happy, making it the activity that makes families most happy. If you are not thrilled about your family camping trip this year, find ways to make it more enticing. Leave the tent sleeping for the avid campers and find cabin rentals in the area. Bring the comforts of home with you in your cabin rental. Find local activities, including indoor ones, to break up the outdoor living. Finally, camp at a destination that you will also enjoy.

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