The 7 Reasons to Consider Chartering a Bus for Your Company Event

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If you need to get you staff to a remote location, you have a lot of options. Depending on how far away it is, you can fly your people, ask them to drive, look into trains or you can charter a bus. One of the best ways to get groups from place to place is on a chartered bus. For your employees, the charter bus is both transportation to the event and the bus itself can be a mobile conference room. Here are some of the benefits to chartering a bus:

  1. You will get everyone to the location at the same time. When you have people take their own cars, there is always the chance that someone will get lost or someone may be late. This may not be a big deal but if you are headed to a trade show and need to be there at a set time to do a presentation, you probably want everyone to be on time. You can make that happen when you charter a bus. This makes coordinating the logistics for your events a lot easier.
  2. Charter buses are a lot like mobile conference rooms. If you are headed to an important conference or trade show, you are going to want everyone to be on the same page. You can get some real work done as charter buses are a lot like mobile conference rooms. This is something that is impossible to do if everyone is traveling to the event separately in their own cars or on planes. Even if you wanted to set up a conference call, it is often hard for people to pay attention to that when they are driving. Your mobile conference room will give you a chance to do any last minute preparation work on your presentation or hammer out the finer details of the pitch you all will make at a trade show. This makes the time spent getting to your event very productive.
  3. It is a safe way to travel. Chartering a bus is one of the safest ways to travel. You have a professional driver who has a lot of experience. Having one driver for your entire group is going to be a lot safer than having everyone have to drive their personal or rental vehicles. You will all have a much less stressful experience getting to your destination when you charter a bus.
  4. It is a very environmentally friendly way to go. Travel by bus is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel. Each bus gets about 206.6 passenger miles per gallon. When you compare that with the 44 passenger MPG for commercial airplanes ad 27.2 passenger MPG for personal cars, you can see you get more from riding on a bus. Even hybrid cars only get 46 passenger MPG. Buses also produce much less climate changing carbon dioxide than other forms of transportation. If you want to get your people to an event and reduce your company;s carbon footprint, this is the way to go.
  5. You can take everything you need. If you are going to a big company event, you may have displays, AV systems and other things you need to bring with you. While you may not be able to get that on the plane nor can you expect people to fit everything in their personal cars, you can get it all onto a bud.
  6. Buses have great amenities. This is especially great if you are using the bus as a mobile conference center. Most charted buses today have WiFi available on board. They also have power outlets and televisions. If you have a presentation that has a video component, you can make sure everyone on your team has seen it before you arrive at your event. This can also give people a chance to watch your video and get any questions they have answered.
  7. Buses are clean and comfortable. The buses that are clean and incredibly comfortable so you will get to your destination rested and ready to conquer your event.

The bottom line is you and your company will be well served by chartering a bus to get your team to your trade show.


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