Beach House Rentals A Beginners Guide to Rental Properties

beginners guide to rental properties

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There are so many beach houses that are out for rentals. The biggest problem is not knowing which type of house suits you and your family. A lot of Agencies advertise their rental beach houses all over the internet. Choosing the right rental beach house involves a lot.

You should know why you rent a beach house and the kind of agreement you will enter with your landlord/ landlady. Determine whether you want long-term rental terms or short-term rental conditions. It is crucial, especially if you have children whose education is equally important. There are different beach houses from which you will get to choose one best fit your needs. Check out a beginners guide to rental properties on the beach below.

Types of Beach Houses

Stilt, Pier, and Platform Beach Houses

These houses are customarily built along the coasts that suffer from hurricane tidal surges and high winds. They are raised to at least eight to 15 Feet above the lowest ground level, close to the water. The foundation of this beach house type is made using many different materials, such as concrete pillars, posts, and timber piles.

Weatherproofed Year-Round Beach Houses

These are the best beach houses because of the way they are designed. They withstand all kinds of climatic conditions. The house is octagonal with a low roof, withstanding high winds since the force is directed downwards. Softwoods used in constructing these houses are the strong ones, such as yellow pine. The noticeable feature of these beach houses is the storm windows with high-impact safety glass. It assures you of safety for your family and, at the same time, state-of-the-art design.

Luxury Beach Houses

These beach houses look like the ones you see in soap opera movies. They have a large swimming pool, magnificent gardens, outrageous rooms, and even guest rooms are included. They occupy substantial pieces of land and tend to spread out horizontally. It is the best beach house to rent out if you have a large family. Everyone will be comfortable as it suits everyone’s needs. However, It’s the most expensive type of beach house to rent out.

After learning about the different types of beach houses available, certain things are crucial for you to know and find as much information as possible about them.

Research on the Common Beach Pests

Everywhere on earth, there are different organisms, and some are microscopic. Wherever the beach house is located, some animals are pests and disturbing. Researching the kind of pests found on the beach can help prepare you physically and psychologically to see and handle them as required.

Most Common Pests That Live on the Beach

Sand Fleas

They are tiny insects that are usually found near the water. They do not fly but can jump up to seven inches in the air. It seems not much, but they can be a nuisance to humans. So whenever you walk along the beach and feel something has jumped on your leg, that’s the sand flea. They love biting humans but cause no harm. The only damage that they cause is that they latch on to your pet. On your pet, they will behave just like a typical flea. It will latch on to the pet and end up with it in your house.

Sand Flies

They are the most interesting insects to learn. The female sand flies consume blood to develop eggs; for this to happen, they will have to bite you, which is extremely painful. Once they bite you, they have managed to enter your beach house, which is very dangerous because you will get ill. Some illnesses caused by sand flies are sandfly fever, pappataci fever, cutaneous leishmaniasis, vesicular stomatitis virus, and visceral leishmaniasis.

To avoid these illnesses, please do not wall along the beach during the evening and at night. At these times, they are most active. During the day, they are inactive and hide in all kinds of cavities in the ground.

Beach Hoppers

These are necessarily not insects but tiny shrimps which come out of the water and hop around the beach looking for some food. They are harmless to both humans and pets. Once they get their food, they burrow into the sand and head back to where they live, around piles of seaweed.

Blood Worms

These are the baits that fishermen usually use to catch fish. If you come across them along the beach, do not worry because they are harmless to humans. They feed on the sand and ingest the materials found between the sand particles.

Horse Flies

Just like sandflies, Horse flies require blood to develop eggs. Their bites are equally painful to that of sandflies. Once they attack you, they will not let go of you until they get their fill or are killed. They are dangerous, just like sand flies.

To avoid illnesses caused by some pests found on the beach, reach out to the nearest pest management company and seek help, as they have offered pest control services for very many years, and they will know what to do.

Find Out About the Different Janitorial Services Available

When renting a beach house, you have every right to access all janitorial services. For every service you need, for example, medical, you have a right to access the hospital’s janitorial staff. The janitors available should offer you services just like anyone else. You can also get janitorial cleaning services while staying in your beach house.

Are Their Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Professionals Around?

The Air Conditioning unit in the beach house needs to clean and smoothly deliver quality air throughout your beach house. As time passes, the AC unit ductwork needs to be cleaned to continue working correctly. You will need an HVAC professional to offer you ductwork cleaning services. Getting these professionals should be as easy as fast when you are in the beach house.

Is There a Tree Service Company Available?

Near the beach, there are trees that, over time, grow and undergo all the natural processes. A tree service company will come at hand here to help you with very many issues in regards to trees.

Tree Care and Maintenance

The trees will be well taken care of by the tree service company. This way, the trees will not be attacked by pests and diseases or even dies because of lack of water. The trees will grow as they should and offer protection to your beach house as they act as windbreakers.

Complete Removal of Trees

You can confidently ask for tree removal service from the tree service company without worrying. They are trained professionals who will carefully execute your command. Finding out their availability is equally important.

Know The Type of Insulation Used on The Beach House

You have a right to know the kind of insulation used during the construction of the beach house. There are different types of insulations: Insulating Concrete Forms, Blown In Insulation, Reflective system insulation, and fiber insulations.

The blown-in insulation is the best because it has the highest thermal resistance value compared to the other insulations. There are three types of blown-in insulations: Loose-fill fiberglass, cellulose, and rock wool. The rock wool is the most expensive to install and the best since it has a high thermal resistance. Getting a beach house with this kind of insulation would be a plus.

Which Type of Heating Oil Are You Going To Use

It is a very crucial thing to consider when choosing a beach house. You have to choose a heating oil that will help you save a lot of coins, is environmentally friendly, and also safe for your furnace.

There are two types of heating oils; kerosene and gas oil. There are two types of deliveries for heating oil for homes: automatic delivery and will-call delivery. When you run out of heating oil and ask for delivery, you are a will-call delivery customer. If your heating oil is delivered after a given period, you are an automatic delivery customer.

Some heating oil companies offer flexible deliveries; this is what you should go for since it will be the cheapest and easiest way to save some coins. If the beach house has good insulation, you will spend less on heating oil and save up to 50%.

Are Golf Carts Available?

You might want to move around the beach in a golf cart because it’s easy and fun, especially for the kids. Getting a company that sells golf carts and the same time, offers custom golf cart seat manufacturing services would be a plus for the savings. It means you will get all services under one roof. Customize your golf cart according to your liking and enjoy your time at the beach.

How Far Is an Animal Hospital?

Knowing how far an animal hospital is from your beach house can be of great help. Remember, beach pests might attack your pet, causing it not to rest at all. Getting a close animal hospital can be of great help to your pets.

Are There Employment Agencies?

As soon as you rent out a beach house, you will need a job or people to work for you. Employment agencies come at hand to ensure there is fruitful and flowing employment staffing everywhere in the world. Choose the best agency to help you out with staffing.

What Kind of Law Firms Are Available?

There are different kinds of law firms. Find out whether personal injury law firms are close to the beach house you selected. In case of an accident, you need a lawyer who will represent you throughout the legal process, whether you can attend the court proceedings or not. It is crucial, especially if you will be working in a field involving much human labor.

You Are Ready To Rent out A Beach House

Once you have successfully gotten all the features and amenities you require close to the beach house, you can comfortably look for websites that will help you rent the beach house. Scammers use some sites, so to avoid all that, use well-known sites like Airbnb.

Pick a time frame that works best for you and ensure that during your chosen period, the beach will not be flooded by tourists. Choose a time frame that will allow you to enjoy a different environment away from home.

Creating a checklist will also really help. Depending on the destination chosen, ensure that your list is realistic and works for you. Think about the amount of room the beach house offers if it suits you very well.

Do not empty your savings account just because you want to enjoy the beach life. Work with your budget. Budget for the necessities and always add extra money for extra charges that might pop out of nowhere.

Always read what people have posted about the selected beach house. Reviews come in handy when choosing a beach house. Especially when it comes to maintenance of the beach house, it is perfect for finding out early enough if the beach house you rent is well maintained.

Contact the owner of the rental beach house and be attentive and listen to what they have to say about the property being rented out. If you feel convinced, book the rental beach house. If you are not convinced, kindly do not book and look for an alternative beach house. Always avoid wiring money online to unknown individuals in the name of renting a beach house. Be careful and find out if it is the actual owner or a scammer. Never shy away from friends and family. You always consult the people around you and inquire more about rental beach houses from them. With this beginners guide to rental properties, you have a solid basis to work with. The earlier you start researching beach houses, the easier it will be for you to rent a beach house.

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