Should You Move to Maine?

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Maine has long been known as a gorgeous state to live in. with it’s coasts bringing in a plethora of lobsters every year, thousand migrate to Maine to spend their summers in seaside cabins and gorgeous lake houses. While in Maine, you can tour the beautiful mountains or stop by a seafood cafe. You can even visit some of the iconic historical sites that Maine is known for across the country.

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To assure that you know where to visit on your next trip, this video highlights some of the coolest places to go in the West Coast of Portland, Maine.

Without a doubt, Portland hosts some of the most beautiful Victorian houses in the entire state. Simply taking a stroll down a downtown street will bring you to several different adorable shops and breathtaking homes. If you want to see one of the oldest registered homes in the United States, then take a trip to see the Victoria Mansion. This giant home hosts several different decorating contests every year, in addition to having a guided tour throughout the museum. One of the most notable Thai restaurants in Portland is called Bona, so stop by for some quality Thai cuisine!


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