Building Your Dream Beach House from the Ground Up

teenage dream beach house

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Picture a scenic view of the ocean or sea, the sound of waves against rocks, a view of the sun, and the cool evening breeze! What is there not to like about a beach house? It comes with a luxurious and modern touch that just makes your day better. However, as exciting as your teenage dream beach house sounds, there is a long and frustrating journey that you will have to go through to achieve that dream house. Here are a few steps to keep in mind as you start building.


Assemble Your Team


As much as you are excited about your teenage dream beach house, you should know that there are a set of rules that apply to building a house near a beach. You can choose to work with individual contractors for every aspect of your home or look for a home building company that already comes with a team of contractors for different things. Whichever choice you go for, some of the main people you will need include:


  • Architect- This is the person designing your home according to your specifications.


  • Engineer- Get a structural engineer who will check that your house is stable and strong.


  • Draftsperson- This is the person that prepares technical drawings as instructed by the architect. If you have a solid knowledge of home designs, you can work with a draft person directly and save on the architectural fees. However, note that a draftsperson most likely has received no training on design. Either way, you will still need the drawing to present to your authorities.


  • You can work with a land and quantity surveyor here. A land surveyor helps prepare the site before construction begins and check the boundaries to prevent disputes. A quantity surveyor helps manage contracts and costs involved in house construction. One of their main jobs is ensuring prices do not go beyond the budget.


  • Builder- This is the person responsible for overseeing the building process. However, a quantity surveyor or a project manager can still manage this role.


  • Tradespeople- You will need an excavator, plumber, electrician, roofer, carpenter, bricklayer, gasfitter, water proffer, plasterer, floor sander, painter, tiler, and landscaper.


  • Certifier- This is a person working for the government to ensure that the house is being built according to the required standards.


  • An attorney. You can also get a lawyer who will go over all the contracts and ensure everything is in order. Someone with experience in estate law can walk you through this, ensuring you are making informed decisions.


Finding your team is not that complicated. Start with references from friends or check business listings from your area. You will find a wide variety of workers for the project.


Make a List of What You Must Have

When you picture your teenage dream beach house, what are some of those things that you feel need to be included? For instance, you may want a master bedroom on the main level, an open-plan house, patios or decks facing the beach or the golf community near you, large windows and doors, etc. When building a home near a beach, you also need to put some thought into your outdoors. Incorporate a relaxing outdoor area in your plans, as this will come in handy almost every day. Another must-have is comfortable furniture both indoors and outdoors. A beach house needs to be comfortable and inviting. Recliners, wraparound couches, and bean bags are great for increasing comfort. You want to ensure that your family members and guests will relax in style. Something else that you should consider is a halotherapy room. This room is not only great for people with respiratory issues, but it also helps ease anxiety and depression. When you make a list of must-haves, it becomes easy to tell the designer what you are looking for.


Material Need for your Beach House


Note that materials used for building a beach house need to be durable and of good quality. Any material that gets exposed to ocean air should be able to withstand the harshness and corrosive nature of the surrounding beach environment. For instance, when choosing a framing material, factor in the threat of saltwater. You, therefore, need to select a material that is resistant to corrosion, such as treated wood or concrete. When it comes to roofing, consider steel roofing. It is durable and energy-efficient. You also do not have to worry about aesthetics because, with technology, steel roofing comes in various styles and designs, giving you something to match your home. Most beach homeowners prefer having glass doors rather than wooden ones. However, due to the threat of storms and hurricanes, it is better to use impact-rated glass. They can hold up under pressure and protect your home from any flying debris. Sacrificing quality for your teenage dream beach house is not an option. If you do that, it will eventually cost you money and you will have to keep replacing damaged things.


Set Up The Foundation

Once you have everything for your teenage dream beach house, construction can begin. Like any other house, a foundation is necessary and required by law to provide a base or support for the house. This is where a structural engineer comes in. Beach houses are usually classified according to flood zones. This ranges from areas with very low risk to areas with high risk. After a builder identifies which zone your potential home falls in, they can decide on the correct type of foundation. Depending on the location of your home and the type of soil, there are four types of foundation that can be used. That is bored piles, screw piles, micro piles, and driven piles. If you are looking for a deep foundation, consider micro pile installation as it performs better. However, this does not have to be your decision alone. A structural engineer can advise you on the best foundation to go for.




After laying down the foundation, the next step is framing your house. This is the part where you start noticing your teenage dream beach house taking shape. Framing is the timber skeleton of a home. It begins with laying tracks for the roof, flooring, windows, and doors. Unless you are working with a construction company, ensure you get a skilled carpenter who will do a good job. During framing, the actual walls are not built yet, but you will get a real feel of what your interior will look like when you walk around. After wall framing, there is roof framing. If you have decided to have a flat roof instead of a pitched, waterproofing has to be done. During framing, the carpenter might also install the doors and windows to make the construction process smooth. There is usually a gap where the door and window frames meet with the wood siding. Considering there is a lot of water in the atmosphere near your beach house, these gaps can let in moisture in the house and lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Consider getting professional caulking services to help cover those gaps. After this, exterior and interior work can begin. Always start prepping for your interior projects ahead of time to ensure things run smoothly.


Start Working on The Exterior

After framing is done, the next step in building your teenage dream beach house is the exterior. This is where you decide the type of siding you want to use, keeping in mind the elements it will be exposed to. Wood is the most common material used for siding as it is aesthetically pleasing. However, it is also susceptible to salt, rain, and wind, and with time, it will wear out faster, especially if you use softwood. You can opt for stucco, which is common with a lot of beach houses. It can withstand salt, sand, wind, and heat, especially if applied with a proper sealant, protecting a home for many years. You can also do a combination of brick and stone. They are becoming popular nowadays and can withstand harsh elements. The next step is roofing your home. Contact a residential roofing company to come and install the roof of your choice. Most people might consider this a DIY project, but it is better to leave it to the professionals unless you have the skills.


Install Interior Utilities


Interior utilities can be installed while you are doing the exterior work if you have the resources for it and are in a time crunch. Most of the time, those two do not affect each other. Start with the lines and piping. This is where your electrician comes in to install permanent electrical fixtures. Phone lines, TV lines, water supply lines, internet wiring, and plumbing and sewerage should all be done at this stage. Again, these are tasks that need to be done by a professional. A plumber who understands the local codes will help lay downpipes to the house correctly. While you can take up tasks like plumbing maintenance and replacing electrical fixtures, let professionals do the initial work. This is also the part where your home gets insulated. When someone thinks of home insulation, they only think of heating and cooling. However, for your teenage dream beach house, you have to consider things like humidity and how it can cause wood to warp. One type of insulation you can use is closed cell insulation as an alternative to fiberglass. Since it is dense, it acts as an effective barrier to water vapor and air.


Doing Finishes on The Interior


After insulation, you can now hang the drywall on the ceiling and wall surfaces before any work is done, then prime them and paint the house. Painting is something you can DIY. However, these are not the usual two rooms that you are used to painting. Painting a whole house is a task, and depending on the size of your home, it can take a while. You might want to consider getting a professional painter. Next comes installing cabinets and countertops. By now, you should have contacted a countertop specialist and looked into various custom cabinet companies near you. The carpenter can help you install the cabinets or do it yourself if it is not complicated. If you have a fireplace, then at this stage, you can also install a fireplace mantle.


Install The Flooring

When choosing flooring for your teenage dream beach house, you want something durable and resistant to sand and moisture. For instance, hardwood is a great flooring choice. Apart from the natural, elegant, and cozy feel it brings to a home, it is durable and available in various finishes. Vinyl floors and laminate floors are also great alternatives, and they are durable and easy to clean. When installing the flooring, be careful not to ruin the paint job you have just done. You can place a piece of clothing over the walls to protect them as you work on the floors.


Work on The Final Utilities


At this point, your teenage dream beach house is almost complete. Now you can have a plumber and the electrician come and finish on the final fixtures. Remember you will need kitchen and bathroom fixtures, sockets for appliances and lighting, etc. At this stage, you can get the air conditioner technician to come and install the AC in your home and request residential fuel delivery services to deliver gas to your home. It is better to work with a company near you for convenience. You should also ensure they are registered and licensed. After construction, there is usually a lot of accumulated rubbish that will need to be disposed of. Get a junk removal company to help remove the waste. Also, there is a lot of landscaping that needs to be done to beautify your home’s exterior. If you are just planting grass and a few plants, you can manage. However, if you are going big on the landscaping, look for a landscaper to help you achieve the look you want to give your home.


Your teenage dream house is now complete. For the remaining part, you can work with an interior designer to pick the right furniture, appliances, and decor for your home.

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