Exploring a Historic City Through Classic Carriage Ride is Simply Momentous

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Going on a vacation should be fun especially when you get to explore the coolest destinations points and appreciate new historic cultures. Charleston, South Carolina, for instance, is one of the most amazing cities to visit and offers vibrant and great moments for vacationers. Although the city can be toured on foot or boating to catch some incredible attractions, horse-drawn carriage tours can provide a unique way of appreciating the city, in classic yet modern times.

If you are going on a vacation in South Carolina and plan to enjoy the charm of old Charleston, here are few reasons why you should consider classic carriage rides — or just about any city, for that matter.

Carriage rides are Classic and Historic

Appreciating a city with rich historical roots is best done using classic means of transportation. And what a better way to do that than with horse-drawn carriages. The city of Charleston has an interesting history of more than 300 years and horse carriage rides were the common means of transportation during that time.

Classic carriage rides can also be traced back to ancient times during the Roman and Egyptian eras. While a lot has changed on what we have today as modern carriages, a trip through Charleston’s Historic District will be reminiscent of old times — going back in time.

Romantic and Truly Fun for Loved Ones

Want some bonding moments with your partner? Classic carriage rides can provide a perfect opportunity to get intimate and enjoy each other’s company while on a vacation. Enthusiastic guides will be more than happy to share stories and secrets of the city as you taking in the breathtaking historic sites, like the Fort Sumter National Monument Visitor Center and The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon.

In addition to how romantic they are, horse drawn carriages can be really fun for friends and family. If you’re going on a vacation in a big group, there are large carriages that can comfortably sit up to 16 people and share amazing experiences. There’s a lot to see in Old Town Charleston that will certainly evoke a classic feel and capture your imaginations as a passenger.

Less Mechanized Tour

Vacations are meant to be enjoyed and be stress free. But due to the excitement of what a new city has to offer in terms of fun, many people end up rushing through the city and forgetting the important part of the vacation, which is to actually enjoy yourself. However, when you choose a private horse tour, you get to enjoy every bit of the journey while relaxed. Your only task is to keep an eye open and capture photos for your travel album.

Whether you’re a seasonal vacationer or it’s your first time visiting Charleston, or just want to enjoy the city uniquely, classic carriage rides are the best. There also plenty of incredible attractions and historic sites the city has to offer, and a vibrant nightlife with exotic ‘watering joint’s travelers will love.

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