4 Benefits of Historic Mansion Wedding Venues

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Choosing a venue is perhaps the first and the most important decision you’ll make as a couple — it determines a lot of factors from your wedding budget, suppliers, theme and decor to the type of gown and attires you settle one. Therefore, this should be a well-thought and considered decision that will meet both you and your partner’s interests and expectations.

Considering there are a number of good options available like indoor, garden, romantic hotel or mansion weddings — with each having its unique element, selecting the perfect wedding venue can be a daunting task. Fret not. Let’s look at some of the benefits of historic mansion wedding venues and what you should consider when making this decision.

1. Cost-Effective Wedding Venue

Historic mansion wedding venues require little or no decoration at all so you get to avoid the high cost of decoration, particularly with romantic destination weddings which are often elaborate with luxury decorations.

Mansion weddings get to use stunning architecture, paintings, artwork, antiques, statues, and ornate furnishings that add that historic touch to your special day. And with most having well-manicured gardens with a natural and plantation feel to it, it’s the perfect decor to complement your wedding without the need for additional decor. This is a kind of venue that’ll leave your guests wowed.

2. Timeless and Epic Wedding Photos

The reason mansion wedding venues are historic is because they’ve stood the test of time — with their architectural depravity adding a timeless and dated look to your wedding photos. And since the venue is more like a museum, you can certainly be sure that it will be there for your future wedding anniversaries and you might as well renew your vows at the same venue.

3. Historic Wedding Venue

Weddings are special as they are meant to be. It’s a historic moment in your life, and tying your knots in a history-filled venue will only make your story more beautiful. Choose a mansion wedding venue with a rich history and plenty of great spots to take wedding photos. Most historic venues will have ancient tools, equipment and items used decades ago, these can serve as props for your shots.

4. Element of Uniqueness

One common thing that mansion wedding venues share is uniqueness. Each venue offers something different. Most of these venues are well-maintained and host some of the most precious and rare architectural elements you’ll see anywhere.

Now that we’ve gone through the benefits of a historic mansion wedding venue, it’s important that you keep in mind the venue’s guidelines when planning for the wedding. Each venue will have its guidelines and protocols that govern the proper use of the place and facilities around it. So this should be communicated clearly to everyone at your wedding to avoid damages, mishandling or improper use of the facility. Understand that some features in historic buildings may be delicate. Things to keep in mind when choosing a mansion wedding venue.

  • Undesired Noise: Old buildings develop have creaking floors and this is perfectly normal for a structure that has stayed over 100 years. However, such a floor is not ideal for bridesmaids marching with stiletto heels.
  • Climate control: As you’d expect, heating and cooling technology wasn’t there back in time and therefore, many of these buildings will probably not any system in place. This can be a problem is the place will not provide an ideal environment for you and your guests.
  • Accessibility: Considering the historic architectural designs, most of these mansions will have narrow hallways and tough staircase that can make it a challenge for guests to navigate and access the place.
  • Limited technology If you are looking for great lighting, plenty of power outlets and other technologically advanced features, historic venues don’t offer that. Though there are venues that have been updated with modern features to meet modern demands.

Historic venues make a great wedding venue for couples looking for timeless elegance. Your photos will look amazing and dated. Plus, the uniqueness of the venue makes all the difference.

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