Getting a Helicopter Tour in Oahu

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The island state of Hawaii (sometimes spelled Hawai’i) is one of the last states to join the American Union, and even though it is remote out there in the Pacific Ocean, Americans love this place. Hawaii and its islands such as Oahu are popular destination spots for domestic travel, and if a person is not visiting the sunny beaches of Florida or California, they are probably going to the many beaches of this volcanic island chain. There’s no wrong way to check out Hawaii, but some tourist methods may be more popular than others. A sightseeing adventure may be done up close and in person, when a tourist goes snorkeling with the wildlife. Or, a guest might explore Hawaii’s beaches on board a boat. Another option still is to see Hawaii from above, in guided helicopter tours. Helicopter rides in Oahu can be a lot of fun, and allow a person to take in the full panorama of this and other islands. This may require booking a flight ahead of time online, such as searching “oahu hawaii helicopter tours” and finding a good time slot. When searching “oahu hawaii helicopter tours”, it may help to remember that the busy season is indeed busy for Hawaii tourism.

Americans and Travel

Modern life in the United States can wear down on a person over time, and taking a vacation somewhere pleasant and exotic is a great way to recharge one’s mental batteries. Domestic travel is a hefty industry in the United States today, and there are plenty of statistics to show this. Some 96% of Americans agree that taking a vacation or two is important to them, and people tend to go somewhere pretty far, often somewhere 50 miles away or further. A recent AAA survey, for one, showed that about 35% of Americans are planning a vacation that would take them further than 50 miles from home. The domestic tourism industry employs many Americans, ranging from plane pilots and crews to hotel staff to airplane and helicopter repair and maintenance teams.

Hawaii looms large in the American domestic travel industry, and this may not come as a surprise. When someone thinks “vacation,” a sunny beach is often the first image to come to mind, and Hawaii has plenty of those. Current trends show that Hawaii is as busy as ever for domestic tourism. Back in 2017, Hawaii saw a then-record number of tourists on its soil, at 93. million guests. This was a 4.6% increase from 2016’s numbers, and this matches an overall growth in American tourism. If someone is planning a flight to Hawaii, they may want to take a helicopter tour, among other things, to check out this exotic state. Searching “oahu hawaii helicopter tours” is just the start, though. There’s some strategy involved.

Get a Helicopter Tour

How can someone set up an appointment to get a helicopter tour? If someone’s Hawaii tour schedule is already planned out, they may search for available helicopter flights during that time frame. Someone may search “oahu hawaii helicopter tours June 2 to June 14” for example. This can be tricky, though, and there may not be bookings available in the planned time frame. The other option, if possible, is to look up helicopter tours in a broad time frame and then plan the entire Hawaii trip around it. This may be a good idea during the busy season, when it may be tough to find bookings for anything. Once the tourist enters “oahu hawaii helicopter tours” online, they can search across the weeks or even months to find open helicopter tour time slots. The rest of the vacation may be planned around that and anything else that gets booked.

Once a person and their group arrive for their helicopter tour, they can board the vehicle and sit in the passenger bay, where they put on headsets. These headsets help them hear the tour guide and each other over the noise of the helicopter. Up high, during the flight, the tourists can see wonderful panoramas of Oahu and other islands from that vantage point. They may learn about local wildlife and history along the way, and these helicopters can easily go over any terrain to show tourists the sights.

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