4 Benefits of Hiring a Limo for Prom Night

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Throughout your child’s life, there will be special events. After they are enrolled in high school, one of these events is the prom. A prom is a yearly tradition for most schools. Whether you have a boy, girl, or both, parents know that a lot of work goes into helping children prepare for their prom. With that in mind, many parents book limo rentals for those attending this event. Considering that, here are four reasons to hire a limousine car service for your child’s upcoming prom.

  • Experiencing the Feeling of Riding in a Limo

    Many children have never before been able to ride a limousine. Therefore, prom season is the perfect time to ensure this happens by contacting a company offering limo rentals. Many prom attendees are amazed at the spaciousness and luxury that comes with riding in a limousine. Combined with weddings and parties, weekend proms account for over 40% of all limo services.
  • Making a Great Impression

    Part of attending high school for many students is making the right impression. Therefore, it’s understandable that students are going to feel like kings and queens of their prom once they’ve arrived by limo. Proms are rare events that happen throughout the life of a child. Limo rentals help to ensure that this night is made even more special.
  • Assuring No Illegal Activities Take Place

    Unfortunately, 53% of students drink more than four alcoholic beverages on prom night. While this is an understandably worrying statistic for a parent to hear, you can help ensure this doesn’t happen to your child by booking a limo service. You’ll want to find a company offering limo rentals that will keep an eye on your child’s prom group throughout the night, ensuring no drugs are being used.
  • Knowing Transportation is Professionally Handled

    While it’s never something you want to think about, children without transportation at a prom might be tempted to drive under the influence. Statistics gathered from 2005 found that 376 tragically passed away as the result of a prom night alcohol related crash. Considering that, having a limo for your children eliminates the potential for anyone to transport your child while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

To summarize, there are many reasons to consider booking a limo for your child’s upcoming prom. Limo rentals help to ensure that your child is transported safely to and from the prom location. In addition, having a limo driver transport your children eliminates many understandable concerns parents might have about their children during prom night. That being said, you’ll want to consider contacting a limo rental service in advance. Prom season can be particularly busy times for these companies.

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