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Rent a charter busy

Millions of Americans take trips every year. While a certain percentage of these individuals may travel by car or commercial airlines, motor coaches are currently making 751 million passenger trips per year. During some years, these vehicles transport even more people than commercial airlines. There are a variety of issues that inspire or otherwise encourage people to travel by motor coach rather than other available means of transportation.

How Motor Coaches Make a Positive Impact on the Environment

When people choose to travel by motor coaches, they are helping to reduce fuel usage. To illustrate this, here is a list of different transportation methods and their average use of fuel:

  • Motor coaches: 206.6 passenger miles per gallon of fuel
  • Commuter rail: 92.4 passenger miles per gallon of fuel
  • Hybrid cars: 46 passenger miles per gallon of fuel
  • Domestic airplane: 44 passenger miles per gallon of fuel
  • Transit buses: 31.4 passenger miles per gallon of fuel
  • Personal automobiles: 27.2 passenger miles per gallon of fuel

CO2 emissions are also reduced when people rent charter buses. When compared to commuter rail, motor coaches are three times more efficient in accomplishing this task. Motor coaches are also six times more efficient in reducing CO2 emissions than transit buses. Furthermore, when compared to all of the other types of transportation, motor coaches emit the least amount of carbon dioxide for every passenger mile.

Another reason why people choose to rent charter buses is because it reduces traffic. When a motor coach is at full capacity, it potentially removes roughly 55 cars and other vehicles from the country’s roads, freeways, and highways. This reduces congestion as well as energy usage and emissions, all of which are beneficial to communities and the overall environment.

How Motor Coaches Make a Positive Impact on the Economy

Both local and national economies benefit when people travel by motor coach. Given the demand for both goods and services related to this form of travel, approximately 792,700 people are employed to meet these needs.

Federal subsidies for passenger trips are also reduced. Consider the following taxpayer-paid subsidies for each type of passenger trip:

  • Motor coaches: $.06 per passenger trip
  • Public transit: $.77 per passenger trip
  • Commercial air carriers: $4.32 per passenger trip
  • Amtrak: $46.06 per passenger trip

Traveling by motor coach also benefits communities by bringing in tourism dollars. When just one motor coach spends the night in a community, this can generate about $11,660 or more for their local economy. This includes spending on lodging, meals, and other purchases, such as personal necessities and gifts to bring home. It’s also important to add that for every dollar invested in a new motor coach, this can generate another $1.65 in spending throughout the economy. Tourism and travel generate over $1.2 billion every year for the nation’s economy.

How Motor Coaches Provide Access to Rural Residents

Many people throughout the United States live in rural areas. There are actually over 14 million rural residents that wouldn’t have access to public intercity transportation it if weren’t for motor coaches. In addition to personal vehicles, this is usually the only intercity transportation available because there aren’t any commercial airlines or trains that are located in these areas.

Why You Want to Travel by Motor Coach

You can rent charter buses whether you’re planning a short or a long-distance trip. When you rent charter buses, you can travel comfortably because there’s more leg room and reclining seats if you’d like to take a nap or just relax. Charter buses also have free WiFi and other welcome amenities such as mobile conference rooms.

Since it’s so much easier to travel with friends, family, and colleagues on charter buses, you may decide to travel this way every time you take a trip for leisure, business, or both. Furthermore, since charter buses have such a positive impact on the environment, you’re contributing to this as well when you travel by charter bus.

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