8 Creative Ways to Use a Shuttle Service

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Delaware limousine service

Life can be hard, and figuring out the best way to transport yourself and your stuff can be one of those difficulties. This is especially true if you live in one of those areas of the country where traffic has reached epic levels and it becomes harder every day to find that coveted parking spot.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to the frustration taking your own vehicle back and forth everywhere. The United States now has more than 16,000 shuttle buses and vans that provide shuttle services and charter bus rentals every day. There are another 15,000 stretch SUVs and regular SUVs doing limousine and shuttle services. If you’ve never thought about how easy travel can be with the reliable transportation that shuttle services can provide, read on for some creative ways shuttle services can serve you:

  1. Hire an SUV to take your office team to lunch. When you need to reward the team for their hard work, don’t do it by asking them to figure out how to navigate downtown traffic and then pay out the nose for parking. Let them ride together in an SUV and actually enjoy their lunch break.
  2. Take a private car or van service to that game. You know how hard it is to navigate when the big game’s on. If anything can ruin the magic of a win, it’s fighting with other cars and trucks on the road for hours before and after. Eliminate all that by hiring a shuttle service to take you instead.
  3. Take your kids’ whole team to and from every game. This season, stop worrying whether everyone will make it on time for the game. Pick up all the kids and coaches and take them together with a mini coach service. You’ll also build camaraderie and give the coaches some extra time to talk to their players.
  4. Arrange a town car or limousine for airport transportation. You’ll get there on time, you’ll be able to work on the way, and you’ll neer worry about either leaveing your car in expensive airport parking facilities, or asking a loved one to do the chore of taking you and picking you up.
  5. Splurge on luxury shuttle services to a relaxing destination. When it’s time for a little RandR, the relaxation part can get tough when you’re fighting traffic all the way there and back. Whether you’re visiting a winery, a gorgeous state park, or taking a trip to Atlantic City, you and your friends will enjoy it all more if someone else does the driving.
  6. Consider a commuter program to keep employees happy. If you need to add a perk that will benefit everyone at minimal cost, shuttle services can be a great choice. PIck them up at a major transport hub and let the driver do the work of navigating rush hour morning traffic in town. Sleepy employees thank you.
  7. Arrange an elegant car service for dinner and a show. Whether you want to do something local or you’re up for a big trip to Broadway, spend more quality time with the one you love while someone else deals with traffic, directions, and parking. You get dropped off at the door for a stress-free evening of romance and fun. No worries about a designated driver, either!
  8. Arrange a special bus trip for your church event. Spend more time together enjoying each other’s fellowship, and less time wondering when everyone is going to get there and you can start. Whether it’s an annual trip to camp or an all-day picnic, shuttle services are a great way to get there and back.

These are just some of the ways that hired car services, motorcoach rentals, and other shuttle services can make your life easier. Whether you’re planning to play or need to work, see how local shuttle services near you can make it happen!

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