Top 4 Vacation Activities

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Zip line

You’ve taken the first step and booked that desperately needed vacation. Now what to do on that vacation. You don’t want to dissolve to watching reruns in your hotel room or spending precious time trying to plan activities once you get there. Plan activities for your next vacation ahead of time. Here are the top 4 vacation activities.

1. Go horseback riding or visit local horse farms. Horses are beautiful creatures and very responsive to people. It is estimated that 7 million people across the country ride horses each year. Being able to visit horse farms and take a horse on a trail ride is an adventure that is deeply ingrained in our psyche as Americans. It speaks of days of the wild west and cowboys. Even novice horse riders can enjoy a good horse ride.

2. Biking through a city or countryside is another thrilling option. The speed and the control associated with riding a bicycle is one of the reasons that 9 million bike trips occur every day in America. And not all of these are for simple transportation. A good percent of Americans, 33%, ride for recreation. And why not? Bikes are easy for all ages and trials and riding areas are usually clearly defined. See some new areas on your vacation with a bike ride.

3. Zip lining is a newer trend. Unlike horses and bikes, which have been around forever, Zip lines provide a thrill at a faster pace. Sail through the air, over ground or water, and get a kick out of your vacation. There are commercial zip lining operations in 48 states, so this activity can be done almost anywhere. Impress your kids and feed the secret adrenaline junkie inside yourself with a zip lining adventure.

4. Make your vacation a camping vacation. Stay for the entire vacation or just part of it in a campground with a tent or an RV. In 2015, 25 million people went camping and they traveled an average of nearly 187 miles for their camping trips. This is the best way to reconnect with nature. Enjoy the quiet scenery and the peaceful area by making camping part of your next vacation.

With so many options for activities on your vacation, make sure to plan ahead and figure out what to do. Visit horse farms, bike through the city, go zip lining, or enjoy the quiet with camping. All of these activities are great for those of all ages and are sure to make your vacation more memorable. Be a rock star with your kids or inspire adventure with your friends on your next vacation.

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