Traveling Onward, and Helping the Planet as You Go

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When it comes to travel and getting to where you need to go, you have plenty of options available to you to choose from. The great strides that have been taken in the recent decades to invent, create, and improve upon reliable transportation have been incredible. No longer are the options of our species limited to which feet will be doing the walking, our own or a beast of burden. Be it as simple as a bicycle or as impressive as an airplane, or any number of transit types in between, we are now faced with an array of choices.

But if you consider all of the factors, from your trip details down to the environmental impact you can contribute to, you may find that choosing the right mode of transportation becomes much easier as you narrow down the different options. Whatever your travel plans are, it would be wise to take all of these factors into consideration before making your final decision.

Narrowing down those options
What is the purpose of your trip? Are you simply coming and going between work and home, or are you off on an adventure? While it is possible to take a personal vehicle, call a taxi, or rent a car, there are typically buses or trains that will serve the same purpose, often at less cost to you, if you have the extra time to spare, as some of these services are not direct.

Are you trying to find shuttle services between an airport and hotel or city center? Most main terminals have airport express shuttle services that are cheaper than the alternatives, and don’t take up as much time as other shuttle services that make stops along the way or do not take the most direct route.

Planning some special events and fun things to do? Look into local charter bus rentals, particularly if you need shuttle services for a larger number of people, if you have several stops you would like to make, or if you are planning a trip that lasts more than a day. There are plenty of opportunities available to you, you just have to start looking for them.

Frequency of use of public transit and charter services
There are so many people who look to public transportation or charter services for their transit needs. Not only is it often the more affordable choice, but most people are looking for easy travel options, and taking the stress of driving off of your plate lets you more easily enjoy the ride. Across Canada and the United States, there are about 631 million passenger trips made within the motor coach industry each and every year. And just within the United States alone, 16,000 shuttle buses and vans operate for various charter services, providing valuable opportunities to so many.

Environmental impact and how you can make a difference
It is no secret that the growing number of human beings in this world is taking a toll on the planet. There are certainly ways to live in harmony with the environment so that this planet can continue to spin and provide a home and valuable resources for generations to come, but we have to decide now to make it a priority to take care of the world around us. Making conscious decisions in your everyday life about how you can lessen the negative environmental impact, or even better, how to foster a positive one, will lead to a healthier planet.

As far as traveling is concerned, consider how every full motor coach contains the potential to eliminate 55 vehicles from the highway, and compared to those single occupancy vehicles, they emit the least amount of carbon dioxide per passenger mile, while being an average of six times more efficient when it comes to fuel and energy. If the people who traveled the 12,500 miles each year in the average personal vehicle were to switch to traveling by motor coach, carbon dioxide emissions could be reduced by an astonishing 4.3 tons for each automobile, each year.

We have plentiful options before us when it comes to travel. We also have the power to make a difference on this planet, for the health and wellbeing of all.

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