Private Jet Travel Is More Efficient Than Commercial Travel?

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Private jet empty leg

Jeff Bezos, most commonly known as the chief executive officer of Amazon, just announced his plans for space travel. By the year 2018, Bezos and his space company Blue Origin plan to start taking their first paying customers into space. While many travelers are struggling to find an affordable way to more quickly get to their business meetings across the country and around the world, Bezos is making plans to help people travel beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.
Seems a little crazy doesn’t it? You can’t find a way to get back and forth between business meetings in Omaha and Dallas, and the CEO of Amazon is saying that he can get travelers into space within the next two years. While you are struggling to make commercial flying more manageable, Blue Origin and their competitor SpaceX are talking much bigger goals.
Are Commercial Flights Becoming Too Long and Cumbersome?
While traveling to space may not be among your most pressing goals, getting back and forth to business meetings in a timely matter is. Companies that are making the most of their travel time and budgets often look to options beyond the normal schedule of commercial flights. Jet charter services are becoming more common for travelers who are looking for a way to travel more efficiently and comfortably.
As the commercial airline industry struggles to provide safe travel to their millions of customers who travel every day, the security process has become more and more complicated. Screening these millions of passengers takes an incredible amount of time. A simple one hour flight from Omaha to Dallas can take as long as a half of a day when travelers have to allow time for parking, security, group boarding, and other delays. A charter jet company, on the other hand, can make the same flight take less than two hours.
When you add commercial airline customs into the travel plans, the difference between the large airline times and the private charter jet companies becomes even greater. Private jet customs is a thorough and regulated process, but because it involves a smaller number of passengers it can be more efficient.
Private Jet Customs Can be More Thorough and Efficient at the Same Time
The most beneficial parts of charter jet services are he flexible schedules, skipping the slow and crowded airports, VIP customer service, privacy and comfort. Private jet customs, for example, have fewer bags to search and monitor so the long lines that are associated with commercial flights are eliminated. Just as safe as commercial flying, private jet charters tend to know more about their individual customers and are able to cater to their needs.
Imagine a business trip where the only people on the plane are your fellow workers who are all traveling to the same meeting. RAther than having to account for rigid flight times offered through commercial airlines, private charters are able to meet the specific needs of their travelers’ schedules. Additionally, while these business associates are in flight, they are not inconvenienced by hundreds of other travelers. Instead, the team flying together on the charter flight can decide to get part of their work done on the flight itself.
Would Purchasing One Way Flights Make More Sense for Your Business Needs?
Another major advantage to flying on a charter flight is the option of affordable one way flights. Empty leg charter flights allow business travelers to pay for affordable one way tickets, without the complications of having to work around the complicated round trip ticket buying process of commercial flights.
The average business aircraft passenger takes nearly 15 business trips on an airplane in a six month period. When that many flights are multiplied by all of the extra hours required when travelers fly commercially, it is evident that much time is being given to long lines and lengthy boarding processes. Private jt air travel, on the other hand provides efficiency and comfort. When you realize that 33% of people who responded to a poll taken by by TripAdvisor said comfortable seating is the biggest improvement airlines could make, you can appreciate the more roomy travel options provided by charter travel.
Whether you are looking for the benefits of private jet customs or comfort, charter services may be your best travel option and solution.

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